Brink Sweater Knitting Pattern

Brink Sweater Knitting Pattern Feature Image

I am perhaps the biggest lover of sweaters on this corner of the earth. I absolutely love everything to do with sweaters. You will agree that these babies do indeed look exceptionally beautiful.

The brink sweater is designed and handcrafted with warmth and comfort in mind. The sweater is the perfect accessory for all seasons and occasions.

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21 Octopus Knitting Patterns

Baby Octopus Knit Pattern by Violets and Heather

Octopuses are enchanting sea creatures that are loved by children and adults alike. They are smart and resourceful. They are the master of disguise. And they are some of the smartest animals in the sea. If you are as much of a fan of octopuses as we are, we are sure you will be as intrigued by these octopus knitting patterns as we are.

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27 Christmas Tree Knitting Patterns

Knitted Christmas Trees Pattern from The Twisted Yarn

Liven up your Christmas decoration by including some of these fun Christmas tree knitting patterns.

A lot of people look forward to putting up their Christmas tree. It is a holiday tradition that can bring back some strong memories. Ornaments are passed down from generation to generation. You do not have to stop at one large Christmas tree. You can decorate your home with tiny trees too.

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Free Written Kitchener Stitch Instructions and Video Tutorial

Free Written Kitchener Stitch Instructions and Video Tutorial
Learn The Knitting Kitchener Stitch

Below you will learn how to seamlessly sew together stitches using the Kitchener stitch. The Kitchener stitch is used to close knitted fabric. With our step-by-step instructions, you will be able to create hidden seams in socks, sweaters, stuffies, etc.

Continue reading below to learn how to create the Kitchener stitch with our easy step-by-step instructions.

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Knitting Needle Size Conversion

Knitting Needle Size Conversion

Knitting needle size conversion is handy when learning how to knit. Understanding knitting needles is one of the first hurdles of knitting. Knitting patterns usually indicate the size of the knitting needle or needles you need to complete the project.

Depending on where the pattern originates, it may give you the size of a metric, UK or US needle. This can be confusing.

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27 Unicorn Knitting Patterns | Knitting News

Unicorn Knitting Patterns

Unicorns are legendary creatures that have captivated imaginations for centuries. They are a favorite topic in cartoons and fantasy films. Kids and adults alike are often infatuated with the beasts. If you know a fan of the mythical unicorn, one of these unicorn knitting patterns will be the perfect gift for them.

These legendary creatures are beautiful, free and wild. They are known for being pure, innocent and magical. They are proof to children that magic does exist. 

Below you will find the list of our 27 favourite unicorn knitting patterns. We have included both free unicorn knitting patterns and paid patterns. We hope there is a pattern that you will love.

Unicorn Knitting Patterns

1. Sprinkle the Unicorn Knitting Pattern by KnittingByPost

This adorable knitting pattern would make any child happy. Sprinkle the Unicorn is soft and squishable. Change the color of the horn, hooves, wings and main to make a unique stuffed toy. 

Completed, this knitted unicorn measures approximately 14 ½ inches tall. You will need to know how to cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, cast off, and sew the pieces together.

Find the Pattern by KnittingByPost HERE

2.  Sleeping Unicorn Pillow by ComfyStitchShop

The Cotton Candy Unicorn pillow knitting pattern is very easy to understand. This adorable Sleeping Unicorn Pillow would brighten up any child’s bedroom. It would also make a great birthday, Christmas, or baby shower gift. 

We would recommend this pattern for an intermediate knitter. 

Find this Pattern by ComfyStitchShop HERE

3. Baby Unicorn Hat Knitting Pattern by Little Red Window

How cute is this baby unicorn hat? This adorable unicorn knitting pattern contains instructions for creating the hat for babies and toddlers. There is also a link to a video tutorial that will show you how to complete the mane’s loop stitch. 

Customise the mane colours to personalize this hat for any child.

Find the Pattern by LittleRedWindow HERE

4. Despicable Me Fluffy Free Unicorn Knitting Pattern by Inga Breuer

Anyone that has ever watched Despicable Me wants the fluffy unicorn from the carnival scene. You could make a child’s day by giving them one as a gift. You will also need to know how to crochet to complete the horn. 

Find the Pattern by Inga Breuer HERE

5. Aurora the Unicorn Toy Knitting Pattern by Fluffandfuzz

Aurora the Unicorn is based on a sock monkey. If you love the adorable floppy monkeys, you will love this rainbow-striped unicorn. Change up the stripe colours and the main colours to create the perfect knitted unicorn. 

Aurora the Unicorn Toy Knitting Pattern by Fluffandfuzz

Find the Pattern by fluffandfuzz HERE

6. Pom Pom Beanie Circular Knitted Unicorn Pattern by ALDERnOAK

During the cold months, this unicorn pom pom beanie would be the perfect accessory for any little girl. You can be certain to make a little girl’s dream of becoming a unicorn come true with this unique hat.

Find the Pattern by ALDERnOAK HERE

7. Princess Twilight Sparkle Knitted Unicorn Pattern by  Nixknittingsticks

Make a Princess Twilight Sparkle Unicorn with this unicorn knitting pattern. This knitted unicorn pattern is worked flat, seamed and stuffed. The easy-to-follow instructions include photos to make the process easy to understand. 

The finished size measures approximately 7.8 inches. Knitting skills and sewing skills are required. We would recommend this pattern for an intermediate to experienced knitter.

Find the Pattern by Nixknittingsticks HERE

8. Unicorn Hat Knitting Pattern by Heidi Rosin

This unicorn hat knitting pattern can be customized for a girl or boy. It does not have a lot of instructions, so you will need to know the basics of knitting a beanie to complete this project. 

Find the Pattern by Heidi Rosin HERE

9. Knitted Unicorn Scarf Pattern by AnIrishKnitOdyssey

This sleepy unicorn scarf knitting pattern is the perfect winter accessory for anyone that believes in the magic of unicorns. The scarf contains a pull-through loop to secure the unicorn’s tail around your neck.

Find the Pattern by AnIrishKnitOdyssey HERE

10. Fairy and Unicorn Knitting Pattern by Fuzzymitten

A unicorn needs a little friend to keep it company. This unicorn knitting pattern includes the instructions to complete a little fairy toy. Easily customise the unicorn’s mane and the fairy’s hair colours. Use bright vivid colours or more subtle shades. Whatever colours you choose, these toys will be fun and cute. 

The knitted unicorn pattern is for a  beginner to intermediate level knitter. 

Find the Patten by fuzzymitten HERE

11. Unicorn baby booties knitting pattern by LittleWhitsKnits

These tiny unicorn baby booties are precious. They are the perfect gift for any new baby (newborn to 6 months). The pattern is quick and easy to complete. 

Find the Pattern by LittleWhitsKnits HERE

12. Backpack Knitted Unicorn Pattern by heYarnGenie

A unicorn backpack is a unique craft idea. You can bet that no one else in school will be toting this adorable pack around.

This unicorn knitting pattern includes instructions for two different sizes. It uses chunky felting yarn which is then simply felted in your washing machine. Directions on completing the felting process are included.

Find the Pattern by TheYarnGenie HERE

13. Unicorn Toy Knitting Pattern by KrisboPatternToy

Little girls will love braiding the mane on this unicorn amigurumi toy. The pattern is easy to follow and has step-by-step detailed instructions with photos. 

The approximate size is 6 ¼ inches tall. Knitting skills and embroidery skills are required. We would recommend this pattern for an intermediate to experienced knitter.

Find the Pattern by KrisboPatternToy HERE

14. Christmas Stocking Free Unicorn Knitting Pattern by Nicola Valiji

Here is a free unicorn knitting pattern for Christmas. This Christmas stocking features a sleepy unicorn with a bright colorful main. We would recommend this pattern for an intermediate to experienced knitter. 

Find the Pattern by Nicola Valiji HERE

15. Christmas Tree Bauble Decoration Knitted Unicorn Pattern by WoolyMcWoolface

If you have a unicorn Christmas stocking, you need to add some unicorn love to your tree too. These unicorn Christmas tree bauble decorations would be the perfect accompaniment. They can be knitted in any colour to match the rest of your holiday decor. 

The pattern is simple and easy to understand. It only uses knit, purl, increase and decrease stitches. The finished baubles measure approximately 5 ½ inches tall.

Find the Pattern by WoolyMcWoolface HERE

16. Childrens & Adults Cute Unicorn Jumper / Sweater Knitting Pattern by BlondiesKnitDesigns

This unicorn jumper knitting pattern can be customised for sizes 24 inches to 40 inches. The unicorn is cute and comical. Any unicorn fan would love to have this whimsical jumper. The pattern only requires basic knitting skills.

Find the Pattern by BlondiesKnitDesigns HERE

17. Mug Cosy Unicorn Knitting Pattern by COSiePLAY

This unicorn knitting pattern is easy to complete. The cozy would make the perfect gift for any unicorn lover. It is a unique gift that is sure to please. The finished design fits a standard size mug. 

Find the Pattern by COSiePLAY HERE

18. Amigurumi Princess Sophie Unicorn Knitting Pattern by

The multicoloured pigtails on Sophie the Rainbow unicorn make her look like a punk rocker or an emo girl. She is colourful and magical. 

This amigurumi unicorn pattern is worked flat and seamed. The pattern is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and photos. 

Find the Pattern by SavushkaDesigns HERE

19. Unicorn Cushion Pattern by Grace Jones

Cuddle up with this unicorn cushion. This free unicorn knitting pattern requires basic knitting skills, sewing skills and you will need to know how to create pom poms. You can expect this unicorn pillow will be loved for years to come. 

Find this Pattern by Grace Jones HERE

20. Ulysses Mittens Knitted Unicorn Pattern by TheYarnGenie

These unicorn mittens are fun and stylish. The pattern includes instructions for full mittens, wrist warmers and fingerless gloves. The pattern can be created for is all sizes from toddler to large adult.

Find the Pattern by TheYarnGenie HERE

21. Knitted Unicorn Socks Pattern by Beyond The Loops

Unicorn socks can add a touch of whimsy to your outfit. These socks picture unicorns, rainbows, stars and hearts. This free unicorn knitting pattern pdf download has detailed instructions. We would recommend this pattern for an intermediate to experienced knitter.

Find the Patten by Beyond The Loops HERE

22. Mini Keyring Unicorn Knitting Pattern by LianaOCF

Show off your love of unicorns with this soft mini unicorn keyring. The pattern is basic and knitted flat. It should be easy for a beginner to complete.

Use smaller needles to create a smaller knitted unicorn or larger needles for something a little bigger. Using the recommended size 10 needles will create a unicorn that measures approximately 3 inches tall. 

Find this Pattern by LianaOCF HERE

23. Unicorn Hood Knitting Pattern by LuckyFoxKnits

Is your dachshund participating in a costume party? This fabulous mini unicorn dachshund hood will turn heads and make people laugh. How cute would your dog be walking around in this unicorn costume? 

To complete this pattern, you will need to know how to knit both flat and in the round. You will also need to sew on the ears and horn.

Find this Pattern by LuckyFoxKnits HERE

24. Unicorn Creme Egg Cosy Pattern by WoolyMcWoolface

Add some cute little unicorns to the Easter Baskets this year. These unicorn covers are the perfect size for Cadbury Crème Eggs. You can also use them to cover hard-boiled eggs during an Easter egg hunt. 

These covers are quick and easy to complete as long as you know the garter stitch, stocking stitch, and loop stitch. An experienced knitter could create one of these knitted unicorns in an hour.

Find the by WoolyMcWoolface HERE

25. Washcloth or blanket square Knitted Unicorn Pattern by DaisyAndStorm

Finish this unicorn knitting pattern to create a washcloth. Make several of these to give out as gifts. Or create several of the squares for a blanket. The pattern is easy enough for a beginner to complete. 

Find the Patten by DaisyAndStorm HERE

26. Baby Unicorn Hot Water Bottle Cover Knitting Pattern by BernieBeeKnits

Hot water bottles are a natural way to ease aches and pains. This cute baby unicorn knitting pattern makes a useful, practical gift. 

The pattern is knitted flat and the face and hoof details are sewn on after the knitting. The pattern has full row-by-row instructions that make this cover easy to create.

Find the Pattern by BernieBeeKnits HERE

27. Unicorn Hooded Pocket Scarf Knitting Pattern

From designer Heidi May of The Velvet Acorn comes yet another beautiful pattern for a unicorn hooded scarf that can be made for all ages.

It is a versatile design as you can make it without the unicorn features: ears, horn, and mane. Additionally, the fringe at the bottom of the pockets is also optional.

I loved working the unicorn knitting pattern for both of my nieces. I made one in a shimmery white with a pink mane and fringe and another with the same shimmery white but with a purple mane and fringe.

I used a pastel variegated yarn to make both horns.

When I gave my nieces their unicorn hooded scarves their eyes lit right up and they wrapped up in them immediately!

I’ve started work on one for my best friend because she is definitely young at heart and loves unicorns.

I’m keeping hers a little more subtle with an earthy off-white yarn and a very light coral and teal combination making up the mane, fringe, and horn. I want to give her some color without making it too young for her.

Unicorn Hooded Sleeve Knitting Pattern

How to Work the Unicorn Knitting Pattern

The knitted unicorn pattern is a downloadable PDF that will arrive in your inbox within 24 hours. It is written in standard US knitting terms.

Heidi May is available to answer questions as well so even if you’re a little unsure about taking on the project, help is available for you!

This design is worked flat using super bulky yarn so it will work up quickly!


The pattern comes with instructions for 12/18 months, toddler, child, teen, and adult!

Skill level

Beginner to Intermediate. The skills required are not difficult. Just pay attention to the pattern and don’t lose your place!

Stitch markers would probably be helpful.


Super bulky yarn

(designer used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Solids and Buttercream Luxe Craft Thick and Thin)–approximately 330 – 645 yards (302 – 590 meters)–but any super bulky yarn will work!


US 13 (9.0 mm)

US 15 (10.0 mm)


Gauge is important for this project. The correct gauge should be: 8 stitches and 18 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch

unicorn knitting pattern
The Velvet Acorn

Find the Pattern HERE

Unicorns are a trend that will never go away. Take part in the unicorn craze by finishing one of these unicorn knitting patterns.   

The unicorn is a mythical creature that has been admired for a very long time. The fascination with the beast will continue to live on. 

If you liked this unicorn pattern and you also enjoy crocheting, I am sure you will love these 37 Crochet Unicorn Patterns at Crochet-News. Or check out some of the other knitted designs like Bear Hood Sweater, Brink Sweater, Azel Pullover and Princess Crown.

Our list of patterns includes a wide variety of designs from baby booties to amigurumi plush toys. We hope that we found a unicorn knitting pattern that you will want to complete.

Knitting Bobble Stitch – 5 Written Tutorials + Videos

Bobble Stitch Easy Scarf Knitting Pattern For Beginner Knitters (1)

Our tutorial will explain step-by-step how to knit bobble stitches.

You will be able to add bobbles to all of your knitting projects.

Keep reading to find out how!


Bobble Stitch Easy Scarf Knitting Pattern For Beginner Knitters


Knitting Bobble Stitch

The knitting bobble stitch is a great way to add three-dimensional flair to your projects. Particularly popular on sweaters, but equally as fun added to many other garments, blankets, hats and scarves.

The bobble stitch boils down to a group of stitches together to create the little ball-like collection of increasing and decreasing stitches in the end.

Bobble stitch is added to the project as you go, so you need to plan ahead a little if you want to add them to your work.


Bobble Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern For Beginners


How To Knit The Bobble Stitch

There are three different methods for knitting bobble stitch. It doesn’t matter which you choose, but they do look slightly different, so be sure to use the same method throughout your project.


Method 1

Knit 1, yarn over, knit 1, yarn over, knit 1. All in the same stitch.


Method 2

Knit into the front, the back, the front, the back, the front, all in the same stitch.


Method 3

Knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, all in the same stitch.


Bobbles are generally added to projects knitted in stockinette stitch, but that isn’t an absolute requirement.

To break this down a little more, let’s look at how to knit a larger bobble stitch, and then we will look at how to knit a smaller bobble stitch.


Knitting Bobble Stitch Written Tutorial


For a Larger Bobble Stitch

  1. Once you get to a point where you want to add a bobble, begin by increasing ONE stitch to FIVE stitches. You will do this by knitting into a single stitch, front, back, front, back, and front, then pull stitch off the left needle.
  2. Purl across those five stitches. TURN AGAIN. Knit across the five stitches. TURN. Purl across the five stitches. TURN. Knit across the five stitches one last time.
  3. Now you will decrease down to ONE stitch. Just slip the SECOND stitch on the RIGHT needle over the FIRST stitch FOUR TIMES. You’ve just knitted a bobble!


For a Smaller Bobble Stitch

  1. Here you will increase ONE stitch to FOUR stitches (instead of 5). This is done by knitting into a single stitch, front, back, front, back. Pull that stitch off the left needle.
  2. Purl across the four stitches. TURN. Knit across the four stitches.
  3. Next you will slip the second stitch on the RIGHT needle over the first stitch THREE TIMES to decrease down to one.


Knitting Bobble Stitch Pattern Tutorial


The knitting bobble stitch can be used sparingly as a decoration or abundantly to create a really interesting texture.


Take a look at our bobble stitch scarf pattern here!

Another great pattern is this handbag, utilizing so many bobbles.


For more help, check out this video tutorial here!


The knitting bobble stitch is a must know for any knitter. It is a lot of fun and adds interest to many knitted pieces. Try one of the patterns above and practice knitting the bobble stitch.


More Cool Knitting Stitches Explained Here