About Us

Do you love to knit?

So do we! So much so that we are proud to have finally started Knitting-News.

At Knitting-News we bring you the most exciting and fun knitting patterns online so that you spend less time browsing and more time letting your creative juices flow in the craft that we both love.

We will be finding and sharing these patterns from all around the web to collate them in one place so that you don’t have to go searching high and wide for the perfect pattern to knit up.

Our focus is on women’s, children’s and babies clothing, including hats, scarves, shawls, cardigans and jumpers.

And of course, we will have to throw in the occasional blanket, just because we love them so much.

Here are a list of our categories to make it easier for you to browse our patterns.


Cardigan Knitting Patterns
Hat Knitting Patterns
Scarf Knitting Patterns
Learn Some Cool Knitting Stitches


Our Crafting Trio

Knitting-News is part of a 3-part website group. Along with Crochet-News and Crafting-News our team are working hard to share our favourite patterns across all 3 websites.

Check them out and enjoy the patterns along with us, but if your heart lies with knitting, then stick over here at Knitting-News.

We are so excited to share our love of crafting with you, so pick your favourite patterns and get knitting!

We are sure that your family and friends will be ecstatic with all of their new presents, and you will be loving all of the stylish additions to your own wardrobe.


Are you a designer?

We would love to hear from you! If you have a pattern that you would like us to showcase, then get in contact with us so that we can display your guest post on Knitting-News.


Happy knitting!



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