10 Knitted Viking Hat Patterns for your Viking Inspired Costume

Knitted Viking Hat Patterns for your Viking Inspired Costume

Do you want to dress up as a Viking for Halloween or a Cosplay event? Are your children interested in Vikings and love playing dress-up? If so, why not try your hand at a Knitted Viking hat?

Viking hat replicas can be expensive and hard to find. They are also heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Instead of wasting your money on these costly helmets, knit one yourself. All the patterns we have listed are adorned with horns that are stuffed.

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26 Elegant Knitted Shrug Patterns

Elegant Knitted Shrug Patterns

Whatever your style, we listed a knitted shrug patterns that will be ideal for your style. Shrugs are usually worn as a statement piece over a blouse, tank top, T shirt or a dress.

A knitted shrug is comparable to a cardigan. However, instead of covering the whole torso, a shrug is shorter. A shrug is a combination of a vest and a shawl. It typically has full length sleeves, but it is not a requirement.

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28 Knitted Cowl Patterns

Knitted Cowl Patterns

A cowl is comparable to an infinity scarf. However, cowls are usually shorter. Often, they can be pulled up over the head and worn as a hood. They are continuous loops that can be made in one piece or have buttons to keep them closed. They are fashion accessories that are easy to wear and compliment almost any outfit. If you are looking for a project that you can make for yourself or give as a gift, try a knitted cowl pattern.

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14 Christmas Knitted Elf Hat Patterns

Christmas Knitted Elf Hat Patterns

Knitted elf hat patterns have never looked this cute and adorable. Christmas certainly will come early this year.

Elves are known for their funny outfits and cheerful nature. Their hats are an important part of their wardrobe because they keep them warm at the North Pole.

But elves are not the only ones that can benefit from these warm hats. Anyone that lives in a cold climate or is looking for a fun holiday accessory would enjoy walking around in a knitted elf hat.

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16 Knit Aviator Hat Patterns

Knit Aviator Hat Patterns

In the colder months, comfort and warmth are a necessity. It can be hard to find a good winter hat that is stylish and warm. And when you do find one it is always the wrong size or colour. Instead of tirelessly searching for the perfect hat, why don’t you make your own? We have included several free and paid knit aviator hat patterns we know you will fall in love with.

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