Basket Weave with Eyelet Border Diagonal Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Knit projects are usually about wearing apparel or house displays. Therefore, it is a great chance if you encounter a knit pattern that can be undoubtedly useful for your daily household chores. Like this Basket Weave with Eyelet Border Diagonal Knit Dishcloth Pattern, it permits you to experience such a cloth dish to the next level!

What makes this different from the ordinary cloth dish is the way the maker combined different types of stitches. BountifulCre8ivity, the maker of this pattern, came up with the idea to use two different designs to make this one of a kind project.

As you can see, basket weave is the primary design, and to make it a gorgeous lace/eyelet is the selected border. Not only did BountifulCre8itivity provided an easy-to-do cloth dish knit pattern, but she also gives a guide for you to create more than three projects – a cloth dish, hot mat, and washcloth!

Basket Weave with Eyelet Border Diagonal Knit Dishcloth Pattern
  • Cloth dish for your kitchen chores
  • Hot mat for your coffee or tea
  • Washcloth for your face or body

It is quite economical to have a pattern that can perform more than one project!

  • The yarn needed for this project can be any yarn you are comfortable working with. You can also use any yarn color you want.
  • As per needle size, measurement of 6 or 7 is enough to make a gorgeous cloth dish. 


The size of the sample project ranges from 8 to 9 inches square. This size depends on what needle and gauge you are going to use.

easy Diagonal Knit Dishcloth Pattern
Knit Washcloth Pattern by BountifulCre8itivity


And the skills you need to be addressed are:

If you are not aware of those stitches, do not lose hope. You can quickly learn those stitches on the Internet or YouTube for absolutely free!

Make sure to practice very well, so after that, you can produce a project that would look like from a professional or well-experienced knitter. Speaking of professional, here’s how you can perfectly shape the dishcloth (How to block):

how to knit diagonal knit dishcloth pattern
Knit Washcloth Pattern by BountifulCre8itivity


This project is a great addition if you are a person who loves to match things by its color.

For example, the color you prefer from curtain up to the floor mat is color blue. You can make this project using blue yarn to match your house theme. You can produce a blue cloth dish, blue hot mat, and a blue washcloth! It depends on your mood.

You can also use a color scheme like white for the basketweave design and black for the lace/eyelet border. It’s up to you on how you are going to make it more unique than the pattern provides for you.

Since this pattern is very easy to understand and quick to do, most probably it will trigger the creativity in you to put more designs.

diagonal knit dishcloth pattern

It can be a gift also for your relatives and friends. Make a set of it (consists of cloth dish, hot mat, and washcloth) with the same color.

Stitch some designs like little flowers or recipient’s initials and for sure, they would love it and appreciate it since this is all your effort.

And if you are still wondering how is that even possible, to make 3 projects out of a single pattern, try to get this Basket Weave with Eyelet Border Diagonal Knit Dishcloth Pattern right away and see for yourself how versatile it is!