Beginners Hooded Ribbed Infinity Scarf Pattern

Infinity scarfs seem to be all the rage recently. There are plenty of infinity scarf patterns to suit everyone’s warming needs. The hooded ribbed infinity scarf is a chunky knitted accessory you’re going to absolutely love.

The pattern is a quick and easy project, perfect for beginners and inexperienced knitters. This knitting pattern is ideal for transitioning from working flat pieces to working in the round.

Beginners Hooded Ribbed Infinity Scarf Pattern

 Hooded Ribbed Infinity Scarf Pattern

With this unique hooded ribbed infinity scarf, you can keep your neck and head warm at the same time. What stands out most about this infinity scarf is an attached hood that eliminates the need to wear a scarf and a beanie.

Hooded Ribbed Eternity Scarf Pattern

Hooded Infinity Scarf Materials

  • A pair of size 7mm circular knitting needles.
  • 300grams of your preferred brand of chunky yarn.
  • A stitch marker.

Hooded Infinity Scarf Comes In 2 Sizes

The lowest skill level necessary to take on this project is beginner. The technical skills required include knowledge of knit and purl. The scarf also needs special bind-off techniques to finish it off and is knitted in the round.

You can knit this one of a kind infinity scarf either for yourself or as a lovely gift for the people you care about. A finished hooded ribbed infinity scarf comes in two sizes, adult, and kid-sized scarfs.

The pattern can be downloaded in PDF format upon purchasing it. It is accompanied by detailed instructions that are written in concise American English. With bonuses such as extensive use of US knitting terms and abbreviations.

Hooded Ribbed Infinity Scarf Pattern For Beginners

Scarf And Beanie In One Great Eternity Scarf Pattern

If you asked me, the scarf and beanie combo is getting a bit old. The hooded ribbed infinity scarf, therefore, came at just the right time. The moment I saw this pattern, I just knew that this was precisely what I needed in my life. Fast forward a few days later, and I had knit up a handful of these beauties.

I’m telling you my friends couldn’t stop praising my new scarfs. I was on top of the world, for a moment at least. You see, the beauty of knitting is in sharing new discoveries and that was exactly what I did. I invited the girls over to my house, and we had the most amazing time knitting away at these lovely scarfs.

Later on, be sure to look into this ridiculously witty woman’s pocket scarf pattern.

Eternity Hooded Ribbed Scarf Pattern

Later on, I set out to make a couple of these for my ever nagging sister. Boy did she love it! I am convinced beyond any doubt that this infinity scarf variation is just what you need to beat the cold this winter season.

Stay warm and snuggly in this stunning knitted piece. You can start knitting this scarf in one evening and try it on before you go to bed. There are not that many projects you can start and finish in one sitting, so I highly recommend that you try this infinity scarf pattern.

We girls deserve the prettiest things. I’m talking diamond rings; the most elegant silk money can buy, hooded ribbed infinity scarfs…You get the drift. So go on, add this wonderful pattern to your list of accomplishments this year.

Beginners Hooded Ribbed Infinity Scarf Pattern

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