Bird Knitting Pattern

Need a great gift idea for a child in your life? Whether it is for your own little ones or a niece or nephew, the toy pelican bird knitting pattern we’ve found will make a great gift!

The following post will give you all the information you need to make this super fun and quirky toy pelican!

Bird Knitting Pattern

The Bird Knitting Pattern: Toy Pelican

I feel that a knitting enthusiast can never have too many toy knitting patterns! There are always holidays, birthdays, and other reasons to whip up a cute knitting toy to give as a gift!

We’ve already looked at another Rian Anderson design, the very appealing toy fox, and today we bring the toy pelican bird knitting pattern!

Designed with the Australian pelican in mind, this pelican has a beak that opens and closes and lucky for him, the pattern includes three little fish for him to catch in his beak for supper!

The toy pelican with a beak full of little fish has been a big hit at our house. I made two, one for each of my boys.

I did alter one slightly so they can tell them apart. While it isn’t exactly what the designer intended, one of the knitting toy pelicans I made has dark blue feathers replacing the black feathers.

I also changed up the colors of the fish just to make it even more fun for them! Being creative boys, they came up with a game on their own wherein they take turns tossing the fish into the beaks of each other’s pelicans!

As a mom, you have to love anything that keeps busy kids entertained!

bird knitting pattern


Everything You Need to Know About the Bird Knitting Pattern

The bird knitting pattern designed by Rian Anderson makes a toy pelican that is oh so fun! He was designed with Australian pelicans in mind, taking advantage of their beautiful markings and their black and white feathers!

Not only does the pattern include photos and instructions for the pelican itself, but also for the fun fish that fit in his beak!

While the pattern calls for certain colors, you can always choose whatever colors you like for both the pelican and the fish!


Straight knitting needles 3.5 mm (US 4)

4 chenille sticks for his beak

1 cm/1/2 inch velcro

Lockable stitch markers

8 ply/DK yarn to make the size as pictured

If you use 12-ply/worsted weight, it will make the finished toy larger

Amount of Yarn Needed

For the 8-ply/DK original version (pictured)

60 grams white

20 grams pale pink

35 grams black

10 grams grey

A small amount of yellow

For the optional (but recommended) fish

Small amounts of yellow, grey, orange, black and white or other colors you choose


As pictured: 21 cm/8” high (from top of the head to the feet)

32 cm/12.5” long (from beak to tail)

Skill level


bird knitting pattern


The toy pelican and the small fish that fit right in his beak is a great gift sure to make kids giggle and provide quite a bit of amusement for them!

It takes a bit of time, but the unique Australian inspired pelican is worth it!

Get this bird knitting pattern right now and make this wonderfully quirky pelican toy!

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