Brink Sweater Knitting Pattern

I am perhaps the biggest lover of sweaters on this corner of the earth. I absolutely love everything to do with sweaters. You will agree that these babies do indeed look exceptionally beautiful.

The brink sweater is designed and handcrafted with warmth and comfort in mind. The sweater is the perfect accessory for all seasons and occasions.

Brink Sweater Knitting Pattern

Brink Sweater Knitting Pattern

It will look simply stunning on you and even more, you will have loads of fun knitting this piece. Check out the materials you will need to take on this project below.

Brink Sweater Knitting Materials

  • Any brand of super bulky weight yarn preferably Lion Brand Hometown USA Solids and Neons brands.
  • Needle gauge 15(US) which is 10mm, 13(US) which is 9mm.
Brink Sweater Knitting Pattern Kids To Adult Sizes


Knitting Pattern Sizes Kids To Adults

The brink sweater can be knitted in a variety of sizes which range as follows.

  • Size 2 sweater which measures 23 and a half inches in chest circumference.
  • Size 3/4 sweater measuring 24.75 inches in chest circumference.
  • Kids size 5/6 sweater which measures 25 and a quarter inches around the chest circumference.
  • Size 7/8 sweater which measures 27 and a half inches in chest circumference.
  • Size 9/10 sweater with the chest circumference measurements at 29.75 inches.
  • Kids size 11/12 sweater which is 31 and a quarter inches in chest circumference.
  • Small size sweater which measures 33 and a half inches in chest circumference.
  • Medium sized brink sweater measuring 35.75 inches in chest circumference.
  • Large size sweater measuring 37.25 inches around the chest circumference.

The brink sweater is designed and knitted with a positive ease of approximately two to three inches at the chest. The circumference is also measured when the sweater buttoned at chest.

Knitting Pattern For Brink Sweater

Brink Sweater Is Built For Style And Practicality

The brink sweater pattern is available in PDF format as a paid pattern. This means that the pattern is copyrighted and its distribution is controlled.

The patterns and designs are explained in concise American English. The instructions are written in standard US knitting terms. Now tell me that isn’t handy.

The sweater is one of those items that give you an extra kick of confidence when you step outside. The cardigan not only looks amazing to don but it will keep you warm and toasty in any weather. The weather looking a bit choppy?

Don’t worry about it, with your knitted sweater, you don’t have to cancel any plans. I would not entirely describe this stunning knitted piece as a novelty item seeing as its popularity is only rising and there’s a likely chance these babies will be around the block for a while.

Adorable Brink Sweater Knitting Pattern

A brink sweater is a sound fashion statement that will assuredly turn heads everywhere you go in it. Here’s an idea worth your consideration, why not pick up the resources and crochet up a couple of these sweaters.

You can knit up one for yourself, one for your better half and while you’re at it why not knit up a couple for your kids as well? Trust me, you can’t go wrong with a brink sweater.

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