30 Tea Cosy Knit Patterns

Tea Cosy Knit Patterns

 Are you a tea enthusiast? If so, you need something to keep your teapot warm. A tea cosy is a perfect answer. These tea cosy knit patterns will keep your pot insulated while adding decoration.

Below are 30 tea cosy knit patterns. We have included everything from cute and whimsical to elegant and stylish. And there are both free tea cosy knitting patterns and paid patterns.

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14 Christmas Knitted Elf Hat Patterns

Christmas Knitted Elf Hat Patterns

Knitted elf hat patterns have never looked this cute and adorable. Christmas certainly will come early this year.

Elves are known for their funny outfits and cheerful nature. Their hats are an important part of their wardrobe because they keep them warm at the North Pole.

But elves are not the only ones that can benefit from these warm hats. Anyone that lives in a cold climate or is looking for a fun holiday accessory would enjoy walking around in a knitted elf hat.

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21 Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns

Christmas stockings are such a fun holiday tradition and this collection of 21 Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns is here to help you carry on that tradition in a handmade fashion. After all, what can be more magical than opening a hand-knitted Christmas stocking? It makes those stocking fillers all more precious!

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