Christmas Stockings Knitting Pattern

Do you need a Christmas gift idea that is personal, unique and made with love? Maybe Christmas stockings?

We have found an e-book full of beautiful, bright and colorful Christmas stockings knitting patterns that would be just perfect for Christmas gifts!

Keep reading for more information on these great Christmas stockings knitting patterns that you will come to use time and time again!

Christmas stocking knitting patterns

Christmas Stockings Knitting Pattern

Every year before Christmas I love to decorate our home to ring in the holiday season. We set up our tree, unpack our ornaments that have been in our family for years, the nativity set my great-grandmother made and finally, I hang up our Christmas stockings over the fireplace.

There’s just something about the stockings that bring everything together, especially when they’re handmade. You can personalize handmade stockings with different colors or stitching names on them.

I’ve made cross-stitched Christmas stockings and knitted stockings and both are beautiful. However, I do love the look of knitted projects and these stockings work up much more quickly than cross-stitch.

I have a new nephew and I believe that one of the Christmas stockings knitting patterns in the digital e-book we’ve found will be a perfect gift for his first Christmas!

Not to mention wedding gifts for soon to be newlyweds that a family friends! I imagine that I will be making several of the Christmas stockings knitting patterns found in this book by Annie’s Woolens.


christmas stockings knitting pattern


How to Work the Christmas Stockings Knitting Pattern

The digital e-book by Annie’s Woolens contains 15 different patterns for your knitting pleasure! You will need to have an intermediate skill level to complete the patterns in the e-book.

You will need to know how to knit in the round, use circular knitting needles, use double-pointed needles, follow a color chart, and work two colors in one round.

For each Christmas stockings knitting pattern, the digital ebook contains a color chart plus written instructions as well as instructions for lettering so the stockings can be personalized.

The Christmas stockings digital ebook contains knitting patterns of:

  • moose,
  • bear,
  • holly,
  • cabin,
  • snowman,
  • evergreen,
  • angel,
  • baby angel,
  • pet cat and pet dog,
  • peace love joy,
  • ragg wool and
  • felted stockings.

Christmas stockings knitting pattern


The materials you will need will differ depending on the specific Christmas stockings knitting pattern, but all will use wool yarn. All of the patterns call for worsted weight wool yarn except for the Felted stocking.

You will also need circular needles and double-pointed needles.

Completed stockings are either 6.5 inches wide by 21.5 inches long or 6.5 inches wide by 18 inches long.

christmas stockings knitting pattern



Nothing employs the spirit of Christmas like homemade gifts! Especially items that can be used year after year!

The ebook by Annie’s Woolens has 15 different Christmas stockings knitting patterns for you to choose from. You can change the colors around and take it one step further by adding the name of the intended recipient!

The Christmas stockings knitting patterns found here are sure to become some of your favorites for years to come!