2 in 1 Versatile Easy Knit Cowl Scarf Pattern

Known as a Mokaccino cowl, this easy knit cowl scarf can also be made into an infinity scarf.

You simply knit up the pattern like a scarf and attach the ends with the help of a cord, and voila!

You have yourself an infinity cowl scarf.


Easy Knit Cowl Scarf Pattern

Easy Knit Cowl Scarf Pattern

Have you noticed the weather has been of late getting dull by the day? Don’t even get me started on the cold. You know too well winter is almost here meaning it’s about that time you stocked up on warm layers.

The easy knit cowl scarf is the perfect way to keep the winter chills at bay. This is because it is smaller and therefore quicker to knit compared to your run-of-the-mill scarf.

This easy knit cowl scarf will therefore give you something warm and comfortable to wear while you work on larger knitting projects.


Cowl And Scarf Pattern In One Easy Knit Project


Cowl Scarf Materials

  • Aran Weight yarn preferably mixed with merino wool and baby alpaca.
  • US needle size 10 or 6.0 mm.


Suited For Beginner Knitters

The finished easy knit cowl scarf pattern has a beautiful look and feel to it. It is suited for beginner knitters as it is an easy-to-remember pattern. This project allows the knitter to add a personalized touch giving the finished item an extra kick.

The cowl is knit using a blend of baby alpaca and merino wool for added warmth and texture. The pattern can be downloaded in PDF. The accompanying instructions for this pattern are easy to remember after a couple of rows.

They detailed instructions are written in American English. There is extensive use of standard U.S knitting terms and abbreviations in there as well.


Easy Knitting Cowl Scarf Pattern


Easy To Make Whilst Watching TV

I knit up my cowl scarf while catching up on double-bill episodes of my favorite TV show. That’s how easy this pattern is. Once complete, you can wear this cowl over your warm winter coat and stay toasty while you sip on a hot mug of cocoa.


Easy To Knit Cowl Or Scarf? You Decide

You can wrap it around your neck and relish the delicate texture of the scarf on your skin. Now, you may be wondering how to wear this one of a kind knit item. Cowl or scarf? That’s entirely up to you.

You may settle for either depending on your mood and the choice of outfit you settle for. To wear it as a scarf, simply remove the binding cord and transform this infinity cowl into a beautiful scarf. Or simply just make two, one of each.


Beginners Easy Knit Cowl Scarf Pattern


Versatility doesn’t get any better than this. A knit item you can look charming in and stay warm sounds like a winner to me. Try out different color combinations and schemes till you find ones that work for you.

I own a couple of these, and I must say, I am loving all the attention am getting. Being the saint I am, I therefore gifted a couple of these easy knit cowl scarfs to my friends.

If there’s one knit item I’d recommend, it would have to be the easy knit cowl scarf. Grab some yarn and a needle and get started on your next big project.


Beginners Cowl Scarf Easy Pattern To Knit



Get The Easy Knit Cowl Scarf Pattern Here


Berry Cowl Knitting Pattern


Berry Cowl Knitting Pattern


Designed to use your two favorite colors, the Berry Cowl is a great beginning for learn fair island knitting. The pattern include charts and lots of pictures to make the learning process as easy as possible.

The Berry Cowl is always a fashion design great for fall/winter season, will keep you warm and cozy and looks great with any outfit! The designer is on hand to answer your questions and give you help along the way if needed.

Berry Cowl Knitting Materials

Craft: Knitting
Yarn Weight: Bulky Yarn of your choice
Needle Size: US 8 – 5mm 20” (51cm) circular Knitting Needles
Yardage: 380 yards


Get The Berry Cowl Knitting Pattern Here


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