6 Best French Knitting Dolls of 2023

French knitting dolls are specialized tools that have been around for a long time. They were often used to get children interested in the art of knitting.

The dolls have a simple design that is easy to use and understand. Whether you are looking to teach a child how to knit or wanting to add a unique touch to your projects, French knitting dolls are a wonderful choice.

What is a French Knitting Doll?

Best French Knitting Dolls

A French knitting doll is also known as a French knitter or a knitting Nancy. It is a traditional tool used to make simple knitted cords. The doll has multiple evenly spaced pegs or nails on the top. It also has a hole through the doll where the yarn cord is threaded through.

What Can You Make with a French Knitting Dolly?

With a French knitter, you can create a variety of items, including:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Keychains
  • Bag charms
  • Hair accessories
  • Drawstrings
  • Ornaments
  • Coasters
  • Home decor items
  •  …and More

How to Use a French Knitting Doll

How to Use a French Knitting Doll

French knitting dolls are very easy to use, making them great for children. Below are step-by-step instructions to help you get started:

Gather your materials:

  • French knitting doll
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Needle and/or hook

1.    Feed the end of the yarn down through the hole of the doll.

2.    Hold the knitting doll in one hand and the yarn tail. You want to keep the tail secure while you are making your first round of stitches.

3.    Working clockwise, loop the yarn around the first peg. Then again around the next peg that is counterclockwise on the doll. 

4.    Continue working clockwise around each peg and counterclockwise around the doll. Repeat until you have wrapped every peg.

5.    Once you have wrapped each peg, wrap each peg again. Now you should have 2 loops on each peg.

6.    Take your needle tool and grab the bottom loop on each peg and bring them over the top of the peg. Start with the 1st peg and work counterclockwise. You will want to work. You will now have 1 loop left of the peg.

7.    Repeat steps 3-6 until you have the desired length.

6 Best French Knitting Dolls

Below, are 6 French knitting dolls that are fun and easy to use. They make it easy to craft knitted cords for a wide variety of projects.

1. French Knitting Doll Spool Loom from LoomaHat

Are you looking for a French knitter that combines creativity and nostalgia? Look no further than this super cute knitter! This adorable knitting doll is sure to captivate the hearts of children, adults, and collectors alike.

This French knitter measures 4.53 inches (11.5 cm) tall. It is easy to hold and manoeuvre. Included with the knitter is a straight needle. You also have the option of adding on the optional loom hook and scissors.

French Knitting Doll Spool Loom from LoomaHat

Find the Doll from LoomaHat Here

2. EXCEART Wood French Knitter Knitting Spool

Here is a cute French knitting set. Their creative designs make knitting fun for adults and children. Not only are they handy tools, but they will also look adorable sitting on your crafting desk.

Each knitting doll has its own coordinating needle. The dolls are suitable for various types of yarn, including wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic.

EXCEART Wood French Knitter Knitting Spool

Find the Dolls on Amazon Here

3. Coopay French Knitting Set

This easy-to-use French knitting set is perfect for beginners and advanced knitters alike. The dolls are sturdy, ensuring they will not break if they are dropped. They have ergonomic curved designs that are comfortable to use.

The complete loom knitting kit includes two knitting dolls, two loom hooks, and four plastic needles. The dolls are made from high-quality wood that has been polished to ensure a smooth, burr-free surface.

Coopay French Knitting Set

Find the Dolls on Amazon Here

4. Alien Princess Spool French Knitter Set by LiggysNotions

Are you searching for a unique French knitter to add to your collection or to give as a gift? Check out this handmade Alien Princess doll. The doll is beautifully crafted from Colorado aspen and hand-painted.

The handmade French knitter comes with a lifter stick, a yarn needle, and a delightful bon-bon skein of yarn. The Princess doll measures just under 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) tall.

Alien Princess Spool French Knitter Set by LiggysNotions

Find the Pattern by LiggysNotions Here

5. Tricotin Knitting Nancy from SheherezadaShop

Designed with 4 bent pins, this knitting doll is smooth and effortless to use. The smiling doll design adds a bit of playfulness that children will love.

Included are the doll, detailed instructions, and a wooden rod. Crafted from natural beech wood and painted with vibrant colours, the doll provides a delightful knitting experience.

Tricotin Knitting Nancy from SheherezadaShop

Find the Doll from SheherezadaShop Here

6. French Knitting Dolly from LilipopMill

This charming knitting doll is handmade and dyed using vibrant vegetable colours. It has a glossy finish that adds a touch of elegance. It would make a wonderful addition to any knitting collection.

Included in the set is a knitting doll, a tool, and detailed instructions. You also get 3 mini skeins of Alpaca yarn in natural colours.

French Knitting Dolly from LilipopMill

Find the Doll from LilipopMill Here

Frequently Asked Questions About French Knitting Dolls

What items can you make with a knitting doll?

With a knitting doll, you can make a wide variety of projects. Some of these include bracelets, necklaces, keychains, coasters, ornaments, and more.

Are knitting dolls only for children?

No, knitting dolls are not only for children. Even though they are often used to introduce children to knitting, they can be used by knitters of all ages. They are an easy-to-use tool that knitters of all levels can benefit from.

Can I use a knitting doll to teach a child how to knit?

Yes, a knitting doll is a wonderful tool for teaching a child how to knit. Along with its simple design and repetitive looping technique, children can easily learn the basics of knitting.

At what age can a child use a knitting doll?

The age at which a child can use a French knitter will vary depending on the individual. Typically, a child as young as 4 can start using a French knitter. However, they will need some guidance. It is also important to note that since the doll requires the use of a needle or hook, the child should always be supervised.

Are knitting dolls suitable for beginners?

Yes, knitting dolls are perfect for beginners. They are often recommended. Their simple design and easy-to-understand instructions make it less intimidating than regular knitting. Using a knitting doll can improve confidence and help develop skills.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned knitter, you will love the user-friendly design of a French knitting doll.

With its charming pattern and simple to use design, the knitting Nancy is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned knitters. They make it fun and easy to create beautiful, knitted cords.

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Whether you are teaching a child how to knit or wanting to add special touches to your own projects, French knitting dolls are a fantastic choice.

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