Learn How To Knit An Eternity Scarf With This Pattern

Eternity scarfs are huge this time of the year. I’m getting so many text messages and emails asking how to knit an eternity scarf or where to buy one.

Well, being a DIY enthusiast and a pro knitter, I can only give a response to one of the queries; how to knit an eternity scarf. An eternity scarf is a quick and easy project you can undertake in your spare time.

Learn How To Knit An Eternity Scarf

Learn How To Knit An Eternity Scarf

The great thing about this one-of-a-kind scarf is that beginners and pro knitters alike can take a swing at it, with success. The sheer beauty and glamour of this scarf are out of this world; you just have to get it. Learn different ways to wear an eternity scarf here.

Eternity Scarf Materials

  • Approximately 165 yards of your preferred brand of worsted weight wool yarn.
  • One needle of gauge 16 (32 or 32)“ circular in size. It is suggested to get a size 4½ mm or US 7.

Finished Knitted Eternity Scarf Size

The finished eternity scarf is available in regular loop and large loop sizes. The dimensions are as follows, 40 to 44 inches in circumference, 9 to 10¾inches in height with an uncurled stockinette section.

The lower edges will curl by themselves reducing these measurements when worn. The measurements are taken from relaxed fabric after blocking.

You can make knit up your eternity scarf using one or more colors if you like. You can also stitch together multiple colored pieces to create a panel. An eternity scarf is knitted in such a manner that there aren’t any raw edges showing.

Learning How To Knit An Eternity Scarf

What Fabric To Use When Knitting And Eternity Scarf

This adds to its beauty and overall appeal. You can knit up an eternity scarf with just about any fabric or material. Fleece and jersey work very well and drape quite nicely too.

You can also use quilting cotton, linen, and any other apparel fabric to get similarly astounding results. Knitting an eternity scarf can be done in either of several ways.

One, you can knit a long scarf and stitch it together to form a loop or, you can use the knitting in the round technique if you’re an experienced knitter. Either way, you will get a pretty decent eternity scarf you can show off to your mates.

Why not also teach your friends and workmates how to knit an eternity scarf?

As mentioned, an eternity scarf project can be undertaken by knitters of any skill level, rookie or “zen-master” level. Still not sure how to knit an eternity scarf? Well, there are plenty of web resources that will aid you in your quest to knit up the perfect eternity scarf.

How To Knit An Eternity Scarf Feat

Video And PDF Tutorials

These come in the form of video tutorials and PDF documents that are available for download. The instructions accompanying the PDF are written in standard American English using basic knitting terms and abbreviations.

One thing is certain when it comes to the eternity scarf; you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go in this unique piece. You cannot go wrong with an eternity scarf.

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So go on, try knitting one yourself and give it a personalized touch. You’ll love it.

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