Infinity Scarf Knitting Patterns For Beginners

If you have a basic understanding of purling and knits, then you are well on your way to taking on a few infinity scarf knitting patterns for beginners.

Knitting is an activity I take quite seriously and is a favorite pastime of mine.


Infinity Scarf Knitting Patterns For Beginner Knitters


Infinity Scarf Knitting Patterns For Beginners

Valentines and Easter have come and gone, and before you know it, Christmas will be here. Not to worry, you still have time to knit a couple of scarfs using Infinity Scarf knitting patterns for beginners.

I love intricately detailed patterns and projects that ooze love and warmth. Would you perhaps be looking for a knitting project you can start and finish in one sitting and get instant gratification? Well then, you’re in luck, infinity scarf knitting patterns for beginners is what you need.


Infinity Scarf Materials

  • A set of US size 10 ½ knitting needles.
  • A ball of worsted weight yarn, Classic Shades preferably by Universal Yarn.


Infinity Lace Scarf Knitting Patterns For Beginners


A Quick Project Or A Great One To Learn On

A simple project such as this will give you a stunning infinity scarf you can wear in no time at all. The gauge of the yarn is not too important. It is recommended to use a needle and yarn combination that works with how tight or loose you want your infinity scarf to be.

The needle and yarn combo you settle on will also determine how good looking your scarf will emerge. The total yardage of the yarn you use will depend on how long you want to make your scarf.

If you are a beginner in the knitting arts, you can make this your first infinity scarf project. Infinity scarf knitting patterns for beginners are an easy one-row reversible lace design that can be used to make simple yet marvelous scarfs.

There are of course numerous one-row infinity scarf patterns available on the internet. This pattern can be downloaded in PDF format after purchase, and you get bonus infinity scarf patterns.

In my experience, small-scale knitting projects that use bulky yarns are problematic to rookie knitters. Most want a pattern they can quickly memorize and start knitting right away.

This project is the most suitable for beginners. I knitted up this pattern one lazy evening and managed to finish it before I went to bed. I didn’t have anything fancy or special in mind.


Infinity Scarf Knitting Patterns For Beginners


Great Pattern For Teaching Others To Knit

The finished scarf, however, came out better than I expected. My daughter absolutely loved wearing the infinity scarf I created. I knew this was going to be a hit when my daughter recently wore it to school and came home all smiley telling me how much her friends loved her scarf.

She went ahead to ask me to knit one more for her best friend with her preferred color. I have since then made more slouchy infinity scarfs for a few of her friends and boy has it been hectic!

Since then I have now begun teaching her how to knit her own infinity scarf using this pattern. It is the perfect infinity scarf pattern for beginners.

So, go on, gather all the materials and colors you need and knit up a couple of these amazing infinity scarfs.



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