Kitty Ear Hat Knitting Pattern Great For Beginners

I can’t help you grow feline ears but what I could help you with, is the kitty ear hat knitting pattern.

Kitty Ear Hat Knitting Pattern Great For Beginners

To all the cat lovers out there, this one-of-a-kind knitted item would make the most wonderful handmade gift.

Kitty Ear Hat Knitting Pattern

Ever wished you had cat ears? I mean there’s absolutely nothing awkward about that at all, but cat ears look really cute. I’m not entirely sure how a crazy-good sense of hearing would serve you but hey, something could always come up.

Well, you don’t always have to knit for charity, you can make this kitty ear hat for your little ones or yourself too.

Adorable Kitty Ear Hat Knitting Pattern

Kitty Ear Hat Materials

  • Any brand of worsted weight yarn that is suitable for US size 8 or 5mm needles. The yarn group used is C which is 10ply Aran or worsted (16-19 stitches).
  • Circular knitting needles of US size 7 or 4.5mm and US size 8 or 5mm.
  • A tapestry needle and,
  • A stitch marker.
Different Coloured Yarn For Kitty Ear Hat
Knitting skills required include
  • You should be well versed with knit, purl, and k2tog.
  • You should know how to do circular knitting.
  • A basic comprehension of cable knitting.

The pattern is written in concise US English with standard US knitting terms and abbreviations. It is available for download upon purchase but any re-distribution or resale is prohibited by copyright law.

Different Knitting Pattern Sizes For Kitty Ear Hat

Perfect Pattern For Beginners To Master Their Skills

The pattern is easy enough for a beginner knitter to attempt. One thing you will come to appreciate from this kitty ear hat is how warm and comfy it feels on you.

It doesn’t only look amazing, it will keep you and your loved ones warm during the cold season.

Now, I can’t promise that your cat will be fooled by the kitty ears on this knitted hat. The best you will probably get is a frown and a purr. So much for your efforts to connect with the little bastards.

You might, however, be the lucky owner of an appreciative and loving cat, unlike me. In which case, your efforts will be greeted with warmth and positive vibes.

But What About Cat Woman?

While still on the topic of cat ears, ever wondered how Cat Woman managed to stay warm? I mean latex must be really cold to have on in cold weather right?

I could offer a kitty ear hat solution but it ends there, the poor lady will have to make do with the kitty ear hat and a whole lot of latex.

Halloween Version Of The Kitty Ear Hat Knitting Pattern

Therefore, I am confident that your little ones will love the kitty ear hat and they will waste no time showing it off. This is one of those comfort items you will come to treasure after a short while. I personally love wearing my kitty ear hat to bed.

My friends love joking about it every time I step outside in it. I can honestly say I have become quite attached to it. I would highly recommend you try out this pattern in your spare time. Throw in a little bit of excitement in knitted hats.

Hat Knitting Pattern Kitty Ears

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