Boys Knit Aviator Hat Pattern 6 Sizes Newborn To 5yr Olds

Every flying ace needs his knit aviator hat pattern to stay warm in the freezing headwinds. I embarked on this knit aviator hat pattern to let the boys know that mommy loves them. And that I have their back in any dogfight they get into.


Boys Knit Aviator Hat Pattern


Knit Aviator Hat Pattern

I love playing with my little boys. They have such energy and an imagination to match. One minute we’re shooting down Japanese Zeros off the coast of Pearl Harbour, the next we’re flying in formation in Wild Weasels into Nam.

Took me a while to keep up with the energy and surprisingly accurate historical facts. Boys love planes and to the best of my belief planes love boys.

I had to put in hours watching the history channel and learning a few fighter plane names. Anything to keep your young ones happy.


Aviator Hat Knitting Pattern


Aviator Hat Materials

  • 75 to 150 yards of yarn which is equivalent to 70 to 137 meters of any brand of worsted weight yarn.
  • Size 4.5mm or U.S size seven These can either be straight or circular according to your preferred knitting technique.


6 Aviator Hat Knitting Sizes

The finished knit aviator hat pattern is available in 6 distinct sizes that range from a newborn to 3-month old baby, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, 1 to 2-year-olds, toddlers (2T to 4T) and children aged five years and above.

To effectively take on this project you need to be an intermediate knitter capable of knit, purl, increase and decrease techniques.


Baby Boy Knitted Aviator Hat Pattern


Button Up Chin Flap Optional

The knit aviator hat pattern can be made to fasten under the chin with a button. This prevents the tiny toddler from pulling it off every two seconds while keeping their little heads snug and warm.

If the aviator hat is meant for an older child, you might want to keep the earflaps hanging freely, no need for buttons.

Experiment with different colors, and shades of brown till you get it right.


Aviator Hat Knitting Pattern


Watch Them Fly With Confidence

The knit aviator hat pattern is just the item your brave little pilot needs. This will allow him to stay aloft, warm and dashingly attractive. You can make aviator hats for everyone just to spice things up.

The entire family could use some warmth and aviator charm this winter season. Have everyone put on their aviator hats and await orders from the flight leader aka your little boy.

The best part about the knit aviator hat pattern is that teenagers can also be part of the action. If they are not already obsessed with Marilyn Manson. Knit up something to keep everyone warm and cheerful this winter.


Blue Knitted Aviator Hat


The knit aviator hat pattern would be an excellent gift for your neighbor’s kids. To make things more interesting, you can throw in aviator goggles and a scarf to complete the look.

Your little one is bound to turn heads and ignite conversations with this knit aviator hat pattern. With all the different sizes, there’s no telling how many you’ll knit up just to keep everyone happy.


Boys Knitted Aviator Hat Pattern


What are you waiting for? Your squadron is counting on you!


Knit Aviator Hat Pattern Here


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