Stylish Knit Blazer Pattern

The knit blazer jacket Sweater is one of those unique knitting items you can across every now and then and your faith in humanity is restored. The knit blazer pattern is lovely women’s cardigan that looks simply breathtaking.

Stylish Knit Blazer Pattern

Stylish Knit Blazer Pattern

It pairs well with most wardrobe items and is the perfect knitted accessory to throw on while attending to professional commitments in cold weather.

The pattern’s design is inspired by the need to stay warm and look sassy in chilly weather. It oozes comfort, sophistication and an aura of intrigue.

The blazer jacket sweater is an easy project you can undertake in your free time and trust me, you will be pleased with the finished item.

Stylish Blazer Knitting Pattern

Blazer Knitting Materials

  • Drops Nepal worsted weight yarn that is spun in 35% alpaca and 65% wool for luxurious knitting items. The recommended color is grey purple with the total weight and yardage being 1.8ounces which are 50g, approximately 82 yards or 75 metres.
  • 10ply Aran.
  • Two buttons.
  • Needles size5 or 5 mm which is 7/8 in US terms.
  • A knitting needle 4.5mm or US size 7

Finished Blazer Jacket Sweater Sizes

Extra small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and XXL size.

These sizes are made to fit the following bust sizes,

Extra Small

80cm which roughly translates to 32 to 34 inches


90cm which roughly translates to 36 to 37 inches


100cm which roughly translates to 38 to 40 inches


110cm which roughly translates to 42 to 44 inches 

Extra Large

120cm which roughly translates to 46 inches


130cm  which roughly translates to 48 to 50 inches

Knit Blazer Pattern Collage

Easy To Follow PDF Instructions

The pattern’s listings are made available in the English language only. Knitters looking for the pattern and its accompanying directions in another language will have to make do with English only for the moment.

The knit blazer pattern is very easy to knit making it suitable for rookie knitters. The pattern is available in PDF format with the instructions explained in concise American English.

I came across this knit blazer pattern while checking out some recommended knitting patterns for the cold season. Let’s face it, warm knitted items are not traditionally the most fashionable.

So unless you want to show up to work in a blanket, you might want to consider the knit blazer pattern. The finished blazer jacket looks stunning on a professional woman or a teenage girl. As mentioned, the blazer jacket just oozes with sophistication and class.

Now usually I would recommend you knit up a couple of these babies and gift them to a friend, neighbor or workmate but not this time. I would advise that you knit up at most two of these blazer jacket sweaters.

The rarer they are the more likely they are to remain a talking piece for a while longer. After all, what would be the point of owning a cardigan every second person in your city is wearing?

Blazer Knitting Pattern

Therefore it’s time to pick up some yarn and a knitting needle and get started on your next masterpiece.

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