Rainbow Knit Stocking Hat Pattern

Stocking hats are quite popular in most parts of the world. They bring a new fun side to staying warm during the cold months. Have you seen the pattern? OMG, stunning doesn’t begin to describe this rainbow knit stocking hat pattern.

knit stocking hat pattern

Rainbow Knit Stocking Hat Pattern

The hat is designed for comfort, warmth, and style in dull times of the year. When I first tried out this pattern, I knew it looked great but what I didn’t expect was my entire family scrambling for these babies.

I knew what I had to do, gather resources and knit everyone their own personalized knit stocking hat pattern. Trust me; I loved every bit of it.

Rainbow Hat Knit Stocking Pattern

Stocking Hat Materials

  • A needle of size 6(U.S) or 4mm.
  • Any brand of light-worsted yarn, gauge 4 inches or 20 stitches (10 cm). Choose your preferred colors.

6 Knit Stocking Hat Sizes

The finished hat comes in six different sizes. Such as new-born size, toddler aged 3 to 6 months, child aged between 6 to 12 months, teenager size, adult size and adult XL size.

The written instructions for this knit stocking hat pattern are meant for knitting in-the-round on circular and double-pointed needles.

The hat knitting pattern is among the most versatile knitting patterns I have come across in a while. The knit stocking hat pattern is easy to knit up in your spare time and only requires an intermediate skill level.

You can use textured stitches and a whole bunch of brightly colored yarn like I did.

The pattern is made available for download in PDF format upon purchase. The instructions are written in concise American English using standard U.S. knitting terms and abbreviations.

Rainbow Hat Knit Stocking Pattern

Intermediate Knitting Pattern

As mentioned, the pattern is relatively easy to put together and only requires an intermediate knowledge of knitting. I love the outdoors, and cold weather has never hampered my enthusiasm for outdoor activities with my kids.

With this knit stocking hat pattern, the fun continues straight into winter and beyond. Don’t let the cold dampen the mood in your home. Knit up a couple of these hats and feel free to personalize each knit stocking hat pattern to suit the taste of each member of your family.

There’s a lot of things you could do in winter other than wrapping yourself up in a warm shoal in front of an open fire sipping hot cocoa. Well, it sure does sound nice, but after a while, you’re going to get bored.

I can’t think of any winter activities that don’t go well with the knit stocking hat pattern, well maybe bob sleighing. That’s a whole other issue I’m not too keen on trying. My fear of bobsleighs aside, stocking hats are as unique as warm, trendy accessories come.

Knit Stocking Hat Pattern 6 Sizes

All Your Friends Will Be Asking You About your Knit Stocking Hat

I have had a few of my friends ask me where I got my hats and the response is always the same, I made them myself. Sure you can find a few of these hats on several online listings, but the feeling isn’t the same. I’m all in for putting love and effort into a project other than just buying a finished item.

So how badly do you want to stay warm and stylish?

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