4 Knitted Granny Squares Patterns

Granny squares are not only for crochet artists. You can make knitted granny squares too. These classic squares are perfect for adding warmth and character to your projects. Just as with crochet granny square patterns, you can use granny squares to make blankets, cushions, clothing, and more. Below, you will find a collection of patterns to inspire your imagination.

Knitted Granny Squares

Unlike crochet granny squares that come in countless patterns, knitted granny square patterns are few and far between. If you are looking for more granny square options, you may want to consider crochet patterns. You can find a list of crochet granny square patterns HERE.

What is a Granny Square?

knitted granny squares patterns

A granny square is a traditional knitting or crochet pattern that creates a small, square piece of fabric. The square is typically made up of clusters of stitches. Granny squares are often characterized by their texture and geometric designs.

Granny squares are used as building blocks to create larger projects. You can frequently find granny squares utilized when making blankets, shawls, sweaters, and various accessories.

4 Knit Granny Square Patterns

Below, you’ll find a delightful collection of 4 knitted granny square patterns. Each pattern offers a unique twist on the classic motif.

1. How to Knit Granny Square Pattern by Frankie Brown

This fantastic pattern includes instructions for square and circle granny squares. The patterns use a unique technique, centered around I-cord knitting. The technique results in a thick fabric with a rippled outer edge.

These knit granny squares do take some time to knit. So, instead of making large blankets, you may want to choose coasters or pillows instead.

How to Knit Granny Square Pattern by Frankie Brown

Find the Pattern by Frankie Brown Here

2. Knit From the Centre Out Knitted Granny Squares Pattern by 10 Rows a Day

This knitted granny square tutorial introduces you to three simple ways to start knitting from the center outward. If you are nervous about knitting granny squares, do not worry. This guide breaks down each method to help you find your favourite technique.

Knit From the Centre Out Knitted Granny Squares Pattern by 10 Rows a Day

Find the Pattern by 10 Rows a Day Here

3. Knitted Granny Square Afghan Pattern by Patons Design Team

The granny square afghan may initially look like a crochet project, yet it is actually knitted. This afghan pattern showcases a series of repeating coloured squares. These squares cleverly mimic the iconic look of classic granny squares.

This knitting pattern is for those with intermediate knitting skills. Completed, the afghan will measure approximately 58 inches (147.5 cm) square.

Knitted Granny Squares Afghan Pattern by Patons Design Team

Find the Pattern by Patons Design Team Here

4. Loom Knitted Granny Squares

Do you enjoy working with knitting looms? Looms make it easy to make granny squares. Learn just how easy it is by following along with this free video tutorial.

This pattern is ideal for both beginners and seasoned knitters alike. All you need is a small round loom, needle, hook, scissors, and yarn.

Find the Pattern by Lily Oak HERE

Frequently Asked Questions about Granny Squares

Are granny squares suitable for beginners?

Unlike crochet granny squares, which are often beginner-friendly, knitted squares can be challenging. For this reason, we do not recommend knit granny squares for beginners. However, if you are a beginner looking to knit granny squares, you can use a knitting loom

Can I make clothing items with knit granny squares?

Yes, you can use knit granny squares to create unique clothing items like vests, scarves, sweaters, and even skirts.

Are knitted granny squares the same as crocheted ones?

While the concept is similar, they are not the same. Granny squares are created with knitting needles or a loom, whereas crocheted squares are made with a crochet hook. They use different techniques to create distinctive fabrics.

What are knit granny squares?

Granny squares are small square pieces of fabric made using knitting techniques. They are made using a repeating stitch pattern. The square can be attached together to create a wide range of items.

What is the purpose of knit granny squares?

Granny squares are versatile building blocks for larger projects. You can use them to create blankets, throws, clothing, and more.

Knitted granny squares are a fun way to add texture and colour to your knitting projects.

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Knowing how to knit granny squares offers a world of creative possibilities. From cozy blankets to charming accessories, knitted granny squares can be used to create warm and stylish projects.

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