Knitted Winter Hats For Adults Pattern

Winter is upon us. The season of beanie hats, Afghans and blankets is finally here. With the cold comes a boatload of knitted winter hats for adults. These unique patterns make staying warm fun and stylish.

I am all in for knitted winter hats for adults that allow me to express my sense of fashion and style. This cute and easy knitted winter hats for adults design is suitable for both beginners and advanced knitters as well.

Knitted Winter Hats For Adults Pattern

Besides keeping your head warm, this winter hat pattern would make a lovely gift to individuals suffering hair loss on account of intense cancer treatments.

We rarely come across knitting projects that benefit others more than ourselves. It is, therefore, the best pattern to knit for charity purposes.

Winter Hat For Adults Knitting Pattern

Knitted Winter Hats Materials

  • A knitting needle of size 10(US) or 6mm.
  • Medium-weight Worsted Weight yarn.

For best results, use a brand of self-patterning yarn. Before you know it, you’ll be churning out dozens of these knitted winter hats for adults like a pro.

As mentioned, the pattern is a fairly quick knit, which allows you to make enough for your family, friends and also a handful for donation to your local hospital. There’s nothing quite like beautiful yarn to raise the spirit of a sick person.

Knitted Winter Hat Pattern For Adults

Add Your Own Charm To The Pattern

The knitted winter hats for adults are an adorable bunch that comes in several color schemes. My personal favorite is the grey-blue steel shade. If you’re feeling a bit girly, you may throw in little flower appliques. This will add bursts of floral freshness and winter charm.

This knitted winter hats for adults pattern is quite popular and is one of those must-have items. Trust me you’re going to feel like a loser stepping out with anything else other than a winter hat this cold season.

I am a big fan of any knitted item I can wear through the seasons and still manage to look stylish. The knitted winter hats for adults are precisely that; a solid fashion statement that stands the test of weather seasons.

Winter Hat Kniting Pattern For Adults

Perfect Knitted Hat For Hitting The Slopes

There is absolutely nothing you can’t do in a winter hat. Winter sports athletes proudly don these babies when hitting the ice to snowboard. I am a big fan of the Aspen X games. Trust me when I say these hats are a big hit.

Now, I can’t promise you that with a knitted winter hat for adults you’ll be skiing like a mean killing machine, no. However, I will confidently tell you that with one of these babies, the harsh winter cold will be the least of your worries.

While you practice your moves for the half-pipe, super-pipe or whatever it is you’re into.

Myself, I’d rather watch from the sidelines and wait for the occasional goofy moment somebody lands on their head. Good times. So go on, gather the supplies and knit yourself one of these unique items.

Stylish Knitted Winter Hats For Adults

While at it, why not knit up a couple more for your family and friends? Wouldn’t hurt to show some compassion now and then.

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