17 Essential Knitting Tools

Are you new to knitting? Are you wondering what knitting tools you need to get started? All you really need are three simple things: knitting needles, scissors, and a ball of yarn. This is one reason I enjoy knitting. It is minimalistic and portable.

Essential Knitting Tools

Just as with every other crafting technique, there are many types of tools you can use. You will quickly find that having additional knitting tools will make knitting easier and more enjoyable. Not only will some of these knitting tools become a necessity, but they are also fun to buy and collect.

All the Knitting Tools You Will Need

Knitting Tools

17 Tools for Knitting

Below, I have listed a wide variety of knitting tools. Some of these tools are essential, while others just make knitting easier.

1. Knitting Needles

Patterns will tell you, or recommend, a certain type of knitting needle. There are 3 types of needles: straight needles, double point needles, and circular needles. The design of each of these needles serves a certain purpose.

  • Straight Needles

Straight needles are also referred to as single point needles. The needles have one pointed end. Straight knitting needles are often used to make rectangular projects such as washcloths, blankets, scarves, and more.

Double-point needles have points on both ends. Instead of using 2 needles when knitting, you normally use 4 or more. Double-point needles are used for knitting small projects in the round. You will generally need double-point needles when making socks, slippers, hats, plush toys, and more.

Circular needles are attached together with a cord. Each needle has one pointed tip. The length of the cord will vary depending on your project. Instead of the stitches resting on the needles, they rest on the cord. Circular knitting needles are very versatile. You can use them to knit in the round or to create flat projects. You will often find circular knitting needles recommended for circular projects and large projects like blankets. 

2. Scissors

The best knitting scissors will stay sharp after extensive use. You want scissors that will cut yarn cleanly without fraying. When searching for a new pair of knitting scissors, look for an ergonomic pair that are made from a strong, durable material like stainless steel.

3. Yarn

One of the best things about knitting is choosing your yarn. There are so many colours, weights, and fibres to choose from. When in doubt, always check to see what your pattern recommends.

4. Row Counter

Most knitting patterns require you to keep track of your rows. An easy way to do this is with a row counter. You can find both mechanical and digital counters. Instead of using a piece of paper and a pencil to keep track of your rows simply click a button or turn a dial.

Best Knitting Row Counters for 2023.

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5. Measuring Tape

Some knitting patterns use inches instead of a row count. When working with this type of pattern, you will need a measuring tape. I find that flexible measuring tapes work best, and they are the easiest to store away with other knitting tools.

6. Tapestry Needle

A tapestry needle is a large, blunt-tipped sewing needle. It has a long eye that is big for bulky yarn. Tapestry needles are used to weave in the tail of your yarn after you have completed your project. You can also use a tapestry needle to sew pieces together.

7. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are another one of those knitting tools you will not want to live without. The small tools are used to identify a specific stitch on your project. You can find a wide variety of stitch markers, from simple plastic rings to decorative metal clasps.

Stitch Markers Knitting Tool

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8. Stitch Holders

Stitch holders are important knitting tools. They look like large safety pins. You will want to use a stitch holder when you need to remove your needles and reinsert them later. The stitch holder guarantees the stitches you are working on do not come loose.

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9. Yarn Bowl

A yarn bowl is a great tool for helping to keep your yarn clean and knot-free. When using a yarn bowl, you do not have to worry about dropping your yarn on the floor and having it roll away.

Yarn Bowl Knitting Tools

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10. Needle Caps

Needle caps are not only for decoration, but they also keep your stitches on your needles. Before you put your project down, slip on a couple of needle caps on the ends of your needs. The caps will prevent stitches from sliding off.

11. Yarn Swift

Yarn swifts come in handy when you need to wind your yarn quickly and easily. They spin, winding the yarn around the arms. Once you have your yarn neatly wound on your yarn swift, grab your yarn winder to make cakes.

Yarn Swift Knitting Tool

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12. Yarn Winder

A yarn winder is a tool designed specifically for winding yarn into cakes. Cakes are easier to use than balls because they do not tangle. You can find both electric and manual yarn winders.

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13. Yarn Guide

A yarn guide can be used to hold two strands of yarn together without them getting tangled. You can also use a yarn guide to help you to keep an even tension.

14. Needle and Swatch Gauge

Needle and swatch gauges are one of those knitting tools you will find yourself needing from time to time. This combination tool will let you measure your unmarked knitting needles and measure your work.

15. Crochet Hook

I know what you are thinking, I am learning to knit, not crochet. However, a crochet hook will come in handy when knitting. The design of a crochet hook makes it ideal for picking up dropped stitches.

16. Blocking Mat

Blocking mats are not a necessity, however, they will make your project look more professional. With the help of the blocking mat, some moisture, and heat, you can take your misshapen knitted project and turn it into a symmetrical piece.

Knitting Blocking Mat
Source from Amazon

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17. Pom Pom Maker

A pom pom maker makes it easy to make the perfect pom pom every time. You will often need to make a pom pom when working on hats and home decor items.

Pom pom Makers

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Add these knitting tools to your collection.

Although you can get started knitting with 3 essential items, there are other knitting tools you will find that you need. These knitting tools were all designed to make knitting stress-free and fun.

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