Knitting Vs Crochet: Learn the Differences

Some people prefer knitting, while others like crocheting better. Then there are those of us that enjoy both. Knitting and crocheting are both techniques that can be used to make fabric. The techniques are a lot of fun, and they can be relaxing. So, what is the difference between knitting vs crochet? Continue reading to learn more about each.

What are the Differences Between Knitting vs Crochet?

Differences Between Knitting vs Crochet

So, is there a difference between crochet and knitting? I hear this question a lot. And I find that people get the two easily confused. If you have never tried either crafting technique, you can try one or the other. Both are fairly inexpensive hobbies, and the basics are easy to learn.

The basic difference between knitting vs crochet is knitting uses two needles and crochet uses one single crochet hook. When knitting, all the stitches stay on the needles. Crocheting on the other hand only has one stitch at a time on the hook.

Another difference between knitting vs crochet is when you are knitting, you are creating interlocking loops. These loops create a stretchy fabric. Knitting is often a great choice when making clothing that needs to stretch, such as socks and gloves.

When crocheting, you are making individual stitches that are similar to knots. The knots create a stiffer fabric with minimal stretch. Crocheting is great for making items that keep their shape like scarves and blankets.

Facts about Knitting and Crocheting

You may only think about knitting and crocheting as hobbies. But there are some other facts that may interest you.

1.    Knitting and crocheting are healthy activities. They relieve stress, improve motor skills, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

2.    In France, during the 16th century, knitting was a male occupation only.

3.    The first mention of the word knitting was in the 14th century.

4.    In the 19th century, a Dutch magazine named Penelope was the first to print a crochet pattern.

5.    Knitted fabric can be made by a machine. However, crochet fabric cannot.

Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles

Knitting uses a pair of knitting needles, a set of circular needles, or a set of double pointed needles. The type of needle you use will depend on the project you are working on. Straight needles are used when creating flat fabric, circular and double pointed knitting needles are used when knitting in the round.

All knitting needles are classified by size. The size references the diameter of the needles. For small hoops, you will want a smaller needle. For larger hoops, you want a larger needle.

Crochet Hooks

Knitting vs Crocheting hooks

Crocheting uses a crochet hook. There are no specialty hooks like there are knitting needles. You can use a crochet hook to create a flat piece of fabric and a 3D object. You can do it all with one hook. ( Here’s a guide to Crochet hooks )

Crochet hooks are classified by size. The size references the diameter of the needles. For small knots, you will want a smaller hook. For larger knots, you want a larger hook.

Should You Learn Knitting or Crochet First?

Knitting vs crochet, which should you learn first? Both knitting and crochet are wonderful crafting techniques. It is completely up to you if you learn to knit or crochet first. Once you learn one, you may want to stick with it completely. Or you can try the other technique later. If you have trouble with one, give the other a shot.

Which is easy knitting or crochet? I often recommend crochet to complete beginners. I find that it is easier to hold the hook and learn the basic techniques. But that is my personal opinion.

Is Knitting or Crochet Easier?

Some people find that knitting is easier to learn than crochet. Then there are those that find crochet easier. I personally found crochet easier. So, the answer to the question, “Is knitting or crochet easier?” is dependent on the individual.

When learning how to knit, some people find it hard to work with two needles. This was my issue. Likewise, people that are just learning how to crochet may find that the knots create a stiff fabric that is hard to work with.

Knitting vs Crochet Pros and Cons

If you are undecided about trying your hand at knitting or crocheting, take a look at the pros and cons of knitting vs crochet.

Pros and Cons of Knitting

Pros and Cons of Knitting
  • Speed

Knitting is often a slow process, even when using bulky yarn and large needles.

  • Fabric

Knitting can create a softer and stretchier fabric. The fabric is more flexible, giving it a better drape. Knitted fabric can be smooth or textured.

  • Shapes

Most knitting patterns create flat fabric. To make 3D projects, you often have to make flat pieces and then assemble them. However, there are some projects, such as socks, that can be knit on double pointed needles or circular needles. These types of needles can be hard to work with.

  • Portability

Knitting requires you to keep all your stitches on your needles. So, when you move your project, you are taking a chance of dropping stitches. This can make it harder to take knitting projects with you.

  • Fixing Mistakes

Fixing mistakes is harder in knitting than crochet. If you make a mistake knitting, you have to undo stitches and then be able to pick up stitches. This can be very confusing and time consuming.

  • Tools

Knitting requires at least two knitting needles for every project, and sometimes more. This can make knitting a little more costly than crochet.

Pros and Cons of Crochet

Pros and Cons of Crochet
  • Speed

Crocheting creates knots. These knots are usually bigger than knitting stitches. The larger knots make the fabric work up quicker.

  • Fabric

Crochet creates a stiffer fabric with texture. The fabric is great for projects that retain their shape. However, it is not good for fabrics that require a nice drape or a smooth feel.

  • Shapes

Crocheting only requires you to work on one stitch at a time on a single hook. This makes it easier to make 3D projects. Crochet in the round is easy to learn.

  • Portability

Since you only work on a single stitch at a time, you can remove your crochet hook without worrying about losing your stitches. Simply insert a stitch marker in the last stitch you made. When you are ready to work again, reinsert the hook and remove the marker. This makes crochet projects better for taking on the road.

  • Fixing Mistakes

It is easy to fix mistakes when crocheting. Once you notice your mistake, remove the hook and pull on the yarn to remove the stitches. When you get to the stitch past your mistake, reinsert your hook and start crocheting.

  • Tools

Crochet only requires you to work with one hook at a time. Crochet hooks are fairly inexpensive, making crochet a little cheaper than knitting.

Now that you know the difference between knitting vs crochet, which one will you try first?

If you are like me, you love to learn new crafting techniques. I am obsessed with learning something new every day. And knitting and crocheting have a vast number of stitches you can add to your repertoire. For a list of crochet stitch tutorials, just click here. If you choose knitting, know these basic knitting stitches.

Knitting vs crochet, I hope you decide which hobby you like to pursue.

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