Lucky Toy Knit Frog Pattern

This Easy Do-It-Yourself Lucky Toy Knit Frog Pattern will show you the procedure on how to make an adorable frog. This cute frog will convince you to do more not only for yourself but also for your relatives and close friends as a housewarming gift. 

In addition to that, this easy pattern will improve your knitting skills and your creativeness that you could use for your future knit projects.

During ancient times, many cultures believed that frogs represented fertility and harmony. Therefore, this adorable frog allows you to experience such positive vibes without actually bringing a live frog at your home.

Moreover, it is very convenient for you to have this project right away because of its pattern that even a rookie, in knitting projects, can follow without any hassle.


Amanda Berry made this easy do-it-yourself frog knitting pattern of Fluffandfuzz. Through this pattern, it helps you make your own frog at your convenience. It allows you to put your creativity by changing or mixing the color that matches your styles or your recipient’s favorite color.

This pattern is a well-written instruction in the English language and composed only of four pages. It has row numbers for each step, so you can easily monitor what to do next together with eight photos. For a much easier understanding, there’s also an inclusion of a list of abbreviations and explanations of some techniques.

Knit Frog Pattern decor
Froggy Toy Knitting Patterns by Amanda Berry of Fluffandfuzz

  • A pair of straight 3.4-millimeter knitting needles or a US 4
  • Double knitting yarns – DK or light worsted weight. You will use less than 30g in each color.
  • Toy filling
  • Buttons for eyes


The stitch techniques that must be used in doing this project are:

  • Knit
  • Purl
  • K2tog decrease
  • Kfb increase


By the end of your knitting, you would have created an 8 x 8-centimeter lucky frog.

NOTE: The frog should be knitted flat –back and forth, on a pair of straight knitting needles. Lastly, you have to sew seams to make it more pleasant to the eyes.

Lucky Toy Knit Frog Pattern
Froggy Toy Knitting Patterns by Amanda Berry of Fluffandfuzz


There are also some cultures, such as in modern culture, wherein frog is associated with healing and good fortune in business.

Thus, this knit frog is perfect for a housewarming gift, especially for your loved ones who use to run a business as it can bring more luck. And since you knit it yourself, it becomes more special for them.

The more you put toy filling, the more it can be fluffy. In this way, you can give it not only to adults, for more fortune, but also to the young ones as their toy. The smiley curved that you will knit will remind them how much you love them since you knitted it yourself. Through your effort and time, this knit frog will become priceless.

easy Knit Frog Pattern toy
Froggy Toy Knitting Patterns by Amanda Berry of Fluffandfuzz

Finally, to make it more adorable, you can use black buttons for its eyes or even googly-eyes will do! You can also make its smile curved as wide as you can, as it depicts how happy you are while knitting this adorable frog.

After that, place it where you and your loved ones can easily see your finished product, so it can brighten up your day whenever you are having a rough time. 

If I were you, I would immediately have this Lucky Toy Knit Frog Pattern so I can finally knit and have my lucky charm.