Newborn Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern Also Incl. Hat, Trousers & Booties

Babies, so innocent and pure. A culmination of love and a symbol of hope for humanity. I could go on and on about babies but that is not why we are here isn’t it?

Our main business here is the Newborn Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern.


Newborn Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern Set

Now the rule of thumb as always is, any project with baby items in it deserves the highest level of attention to detail and intricate knitting.

The baby boys knitting pattern is a lovely design meant to layer baby boys using a combination of rib design and simple twisted cable techniques.

Knitted Cardigan Sized For 0-3 Month Old

The newborn baby cardigan knitting Pattern also gives detailed instructions on how to knit a pair of Ribbed Trousers, one Striped Pull-on Hat and striped Booties.

The finished item is sized to fit a young boy aged between 0 to 3 months. The pattern is also suitable for a life-sized doll of size 20 to 22 inches.

Cardigan Knitting Pattern For Newborn Baby

Newborn Knitted Cardigan Materials

  • Approximately 200 grams of double knitting yarn of the Light Worsted variety in two
  • A thin elastic band to serve as the waistband on the trousers.
  • A 3.5 mm or US size 4 needle.
  • A sewing needle to attach the buttons.
  • 7 Buttons.

The entire knitting pattern is the perfect “welcome to earth” attire. Pretty sure the little guy won’t notice the amount of love and passion that went into making the outfit.

You, on the other hand, will be so impressed with yourself you will wish for an adult equivalent. Now, I can’t promise that you will not go on ahead to create more stunning pieces like this.

Newborn Knitted Cardigan

As far as the skill level goes, I recommend intermediate to pro level knitters. There’s no room for experimenting here, sorry rookies.

The Newborn Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern has such levels of delicate detailing you will be amazed. I assure you the alternatives to knitting up your own baby items will cost you a pretty penny.

Specialist baby shops all over the world make a neat buck selling similar items to what you would knit up yourself. Once you get started on this project, you will be overcome with joy. Especially with the knowledge that your tiny tot is as warm and toasty as you would prefer.

I’ll go ahead and state that you may even catch some emotions and perhaps shed a tear of happiness at the sight of your baby boy sleeping in the Newborn Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern. Get a hold of yourself man.

Cute Newborn Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Change The Color Scheme To Suit Your Little Man

There is more work to do as you aren’t limited to just two colors. You may if you please, knit up a couple more items and gift them to a friend who’s recently had a baby or even offer some for sale.

It would be some a warm gesture of love and support if you gifted a friend or relative some of your handiwork. Genuine love and care have a warm feeling to it and your loved ones will most definitely feel it. Try the Newborn Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern today.

Newborn Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern Here

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