29 Elephant Knitting Patterns

Knitted Elephant Patterns

If you are looking for a gift for a baby or a child, check out some of these elephant knitting patterns we have listed. Elephants are known for their intelligence and loyalty. They are all about family and will risk their lives to save a member of their herd. They are strong and massive yet loving and endearing. Many nursery items are adorned with the majestic beast, since they symbolize good luck and protection.

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12 Knitted Spiderman Patterns

Knitted Spiderman Patterns

If you are looking for a fun project, we have a knitted Spiderman pattern for you. When you think of Superheroes, Spiderman is probably one of the first ones to pop into your mind.

This is because Spiderman is one of the most recognizable characters there is. He has been around since 1962. You can find him in comics, movies, TV series, collectables, toys, clothing, and more.

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