Royalty Worthy Princess Crown Knitting Pattern

This princess crown knitting pattern would be such a lovely addition to your kids’ playthings.

It is easy to knit, requires considerably fewer materials compared to most other projects, and the best part is you can knit up a couple of these in one sitting.


Princess Crown Knitting Pattern


Princess Crown Knitting Pattern

Don’t you just love playing dress up with the kids? I mean playing make-believe, dressing up your little girl like a princess and making some memories. Now and then, it would be a great idea to indulge in some fairy tale fun.

Why not play dress up with your little girl for a day and see how much fun you two will have bonding over her favorite fairy tale? I have so many fun-filled childhood memories that involved dressing up as one character or another.


Adorable Princess Crown Knitting Pattern


Princess Crown Materials

  • A needle of size 7(US) or 4.5mm.
  • Any brand of worsted weight yarn, 25 to 40 yards.


Toddler To Adult Size Knitting Pattern

The finished princess crown sizes are available for toddlers, child, and adult sizes. Whatever color you settle for on the princess crown knitting pattern, one thing is for sure your little girl will feel like royalty wearing it.

The knitting pattern is designed with princesses, fairy tales and regal flair in mind. It is the perfect item for layering on during playtime. The princess crown knitting pattern is a simple project for a top-down knitted piece.

You can choose to use a stretchy cast-on and bind-off technique. This will allow you to create pieces that fit a wide range of sizes and ages.

The largest princess crown should fit an XL adult head. The small-sized princess crown should fit a small toddler with sizes going all the way up to a young teen with a large size head.


Knitting Pattern Turns Into Magical Princess Crown


Make A princess Crown Out Of Your Scraps Of Yarn

The princess crown kitting pattern can also be knitted using scraps of yarn. Also different colors such as brightly-colored yarn since each crown only takes up a small amount of yarn.

The pattern is available for download, and the instructions are written in standard US knitting terms. The skill level necessary to take on this project is beginner level all the way up to advanced knitter.

The beauty of this unique piece is that your little boys can also wear it and look amazing as well.


Knitted Princess Crown Pattern


Add Some Jewels Into The Princess Crown Knitting Pattern

If you like, you can throw in a few decorative pieces. Such as buttons to mimic gemstones that decorate most crowns. Put some jewels and bling on there. What’s better than seeing your kids have the time of their life playing dress up as their favorite regal characters?

As I mentioned, a knitting project of this nature allows you to create as many unique and stunning pieces as you can in one sitting. You can create several for your kids, a couple for your sister’s kids and maybe a handful of these for your neighbors’ kids as well.


Knitted Princess Crown For Dress Up Games


Don’t we all wish to be royals? The kings, queens, princes, and princesses of our own making. So pick up some yarn and get to work on this fantastic princess crown knitting pattern. Your kids will love it.


Get The Princess Crown Knitting Pattern Here


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