Stunning Shawlette Knitting Patterns

The shawlette knitting patterns combine an old-fashioned texture with contemporary urban lines. This leads to elegant rustic triangle shawlette pieces that are well loved and adored.

The shawlette knitting patterns are top-down, triangular-knit items that are quick and easy to knit up in fingering weight yarn. This type of scarf can also be knitted in sport weight or lace weight yarn depending on your weight preferences.

shawlette knitting patterns

Stunning Shawlette Knitting Patterns

This shawlette is the perfect piece to showcase to your friends and loved ones.

The shawlette is easily customizable thanks to the ease of increasing the shawl’s size by simply adding repeats of the triangle motif section using whatever needle size and yarn you prefer.

 Stunning Shawlette Knitting Pattern

Knitted Shawlette Materials

  • 520 yards or 544metres of any brand of fingering weight yarn.
  • Needle size 8 (US), size 6 (UK) and Canada size 36 which is 5.0 mm circular knitting needle.
  • A tapestry needle which you’ll use to weave in the ends.
  • Two stitch markers.
  • Rustproof pins and blocking wires.

Finished Shawlette Size According To The Pattern

The finished shawlette measures

50 inches or 138 centimeters at the base width.

27 inches or 69 centimeters at the midpoint from base to point.

This finished size of the shawlette is in accordance to the knitting pattern. To make the shawl bigger or smaller some small calculations are needed.

Ladies Shawlette Knitting Patterns

An Intermediate To Advanced Knitters pattern

The skill level necessary to take on this exciting project is intermediate to advanced. The pattern is made available for download upon purchase. And comes with detailed instructions such as how to properly execute the stitches.

The instructions are written in concise American English using standard U.S knitting terms and abbreviations. The shawlette knitting patterns will make you feel proud of yourself.

Other than keeping you warm and toasty in the cold, shawlette knitting patterns are some of the most sought-after accessories. The beauty and extent of intricate detailing make shawlettes highly desirable pieces.

Elegant Shawlette Knitting Pattern

Within hours of completing my first shawlette project, I had so many people praising my new creation. Well, I knew shawlettes were a big deal but what I did not expect was the level of enthusiasm I received.

With intermediate to advanced knowledge of knitting, you can let your imagination loose. Experiment with the different shapes and colors available.

You can play around with the pattern if you are a pro knitter and see what aesthetic additions you can make to this beautiful shawlette.

Knit This Shawlette In Your Favorite Color

I’m always all in for knitting projects that are both stylish and snuggly warm. You can pick up this project for your niece or teenage daughter perhaps. I made two, one for myself and one for my daughter.

She likes bright colors, and I am more into subtle colors such as beige, jet grey, and the likes. The finished shawlettes were impressive I have to say. I will certainly be making more shawlettes in the future.

Shawlette knitting patterns go well with almost anything which is a huge consideration for me. The fact that you can couple these amazing items with any outfit. Such as, both casual and formal is simply amazing in my opinion.

Intermediate Knitting Pattern For Shawlette

Get out there and knit up a couple of these stunning pieces, you’ll thank me later.

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