Easy Elegant Simple Shrug Knitting Pattern

The cold season is one most people don’t look forward to. I mean there’s nothing wrong with being coupled up indoors all warm and snuggly while the temperature outside drops to all-time lows.

You might however from time to time need to step outside for whatever reason. That doesn’t mean you have to bring along your warm shawl or Afghan. Now enter the simple shrug knitting pattern.


Beginner Simple Shrug Knitting Pattern


Simple Shrug Knitting Pattern


It is a rookie-friendly, oversized blanket sweater that is just perfect for staying warm both indoors and outside.  Here’s what you need to make your own simple shrug knitting pattern sweater.


Shrug Knitting Pattern Materials

  • One size 19 (US)/15mm circular knitting needle.
  • 8 skeins equivalent to 127 yards of Lions Pride Woolspun Linen Yarn.
  • Two one and a quarter inch buttons of your liking.
  • A tapestry needle you will use to weave in the ends.
  • A sewing needle and thread to attach the buttons.
  • A pair of scissors.


This Simple Shrug Is One Size Fits All

Regrettably, this pattern does not come in multiple sizes or instructions on how to vary the sizing. The simple shrug knitting pattern is a one-size fits most kind of project. It is modeled on a small size.

The drape will fit size large individuals though. The finished sweater’s measurements are approximately 40.5 inches from one end of an arm to the other end of the arm.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the stockinette will curl a bit at the arm positions. The forty and a half inch measurement describes the stockinette when flat and uncurled

From the top of the neck to the bottom of the shrug, the length is approximately thirty-four inches long.


Easy Simple Shrug Knitting Pattern 

The Perfect Shrug Knitting Pattern For Beginners

The skill level needed to take on this project is basic. Some specialist stitches are necessary. This include an in-depth command of Knit and purl.

The simple shrug knitting pattern is written and illustrated in American English. The pattern uses standard US crochet or knitting terms.

The finished shrug sweater is made by knitting together a basic rectangle using large needles while holding together two strands of the chunky Lion Brand Woolspun yarn.  

The technique creates a loose, squishy, and fairly heavy blanket-like fabric using the stockinette stitch method for the main portion of the sweater. For the edging, the seed stitch technique is used.


Buttons Add Ease To Wearing

The buttons are attached for easier wearing as well as for the purpose of giving it a trendy look and feel. The stitches on the shrug sweater are designed to be loose enough to allow the buttons to slip through with ease.


Knitting Patern For Beginners Simple Shrug


The simple shrug knitting pattern is a large, fashion statement piece that you can snuggle up in all through winter and still look chic during the rest of the year. It is one of those knitting patterns I highly recommend you try in your spare time.

Therefore, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go in this simple shrug sweater. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Head out, get the materials and try it for yourself.



Get The Simple Shrug Knitting Pattern Here


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