Stylish Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

Do you need a simple, yet lovely dog sweater knitting pattern? Especially for long-doggies with short legs?

We’ve found a great pattern that is perfect for keeping your furry sausage dog warm on a cool day! Or even a warm day with the air conditioner on high!

For more information about this dog jumper knitting pattern designed with miniature dachshunds in mind, keep reading!

Dog Sweated Knitting Pattern

The Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

My mini sausage dog is always cold. Okay, so maybe when it is ninety-eight degrees outside and she is sunbathing in the backyard she is finally warm. But, most of the time, she is shivering away!

So I am always on the lookout for quick and easy dog sweater knitting patterns that I can work up! I like to have several different colors to rotate for her.

Throw in some variegated yarn and you’ll have a fun multicolor dog jumper as well!

The pattern we’ve found is just perfect to whip up for my mini doxie to help keep her short-legged self warm on our wood floors. Also, the pattern creates a nice stretchy fabric to easily put on and take off your four-legged friend.

dog jumper knitting pattern


About the Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

The dog sweater is worked in a ribbed knit pattern and is easy enough for a beginner! In fact, it is made even easier because it is seamless, working in the round from top-down.

The dog sweater is a little different in size and shape than the usual dog sweater pattern because it is designed for miniature dachshunds with long, thin bodies. (Unless your doxie has had a few too many treats!)

Additionally, Chiweenies tend to be very cold-natured and have similar body styles to miniature dachshunds, so the dog jumper knitting pattern would also work well for them or many other miniature doxie mixes!

Dog Sweater Materials Needed

The designer of the top down mini dachshund dog sweater knitting pattern suggests using Rowan Felted Tweed yarn. But, if you don’t want to use that specific yarn, you’ll need to use DK (3: light) weight yarn.

Gauge is important for this piece. The gauge should be 45 stitches by 32 rows equal to 4 inches.

The size of needles that are recommended are US 5 (3.75 mm), however, you should use whatever size achieves the correct gauge.

This project takes approximately 191 yards (175 meters) of yarn.

The sweater size is meant for an 8 to 12-pound miniature dachshund.

Important to note is that other than very gentle handwashing, this sweater is for indoor use or dry weather only. Pulling a wet sweater off of your dog will stretch it out and it will be ruined.

dog sweater knitting pattern


This dog sweater knitting pattern will make a great addition to your collection, especially if you are a miniature dachshund owner!

But, if you don’t personally have a sausage dog, make this dog sweater for a friend for theirs!

These sweaters would also work wonderfully for Chiweenies or any other dachshund mix!

If you haven’t already started on this dog sweater knitting pattern, you should soon!