15 Lace Shawl Knit Patterns

Sunshower Shawl Knitting Pattern by Knit Picks

Now seems like a pretty good time to focus on a little challenge whose reward is pure beauty. Like an heirloom piece of lace that you might discover in an old chest in the attic, these lace shawl knit patterns are mind-bogglingly gorgeous—and it’s even more mind-boggling to think you can actually make them with your own two hands!

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32 Knitted Christmas Jumper Patterns

Christmas Jumper Knitting Patterns by Gathered

Christmas jumpers are now a festive staple, but why not stand out in a sea of high-street versions by knitting your own? These knitted Christmas jumper patterns are the perfect projects now the nights are drawing in! So curl up, grab your needles and get knitting a Christmas jumper you’ll treasure!

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