15 Knit Pillow Patterns

Loop Yarn Knit Pillow Pattern by Petals To Picots

When you’re a crafter, your creations slowly begin to cover every corner of your home. Not in a bad way though, just in a “Thanks. I made it!” kind of way. Like, who wouldn’t want a home covered in knitted pillows and blankets and general yarn goodness? Sounds cozy to me! This collection of knit pillow patterns will help you speed up the cozy craft takeover. These patterns are so easy to make and you can stitch them right up from your computer screen.

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30 Tea Cosy Knit Patterns

Tea Cosy Knit Patterns

 Are you a tea enthusiast? If so, you need something to keep your teapot warm. A tea cosy is a perfect answer. These tea cosy knit patterns will keep your pot insulated while adding decoration.

Below are 30 tea cosy knit patterns. We have included everything from cute and whimsical to elegant and stylish. And there are both free tea cosy knitting patterns and paid patterns.

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