15 Fox Knitting Patterns

Little Knitted Mr. Baby Fox Knitting Toy Pattern by CuteToysPatterns

The fox can symbolise many different things. To some people, it is a symbol of wisdom and cleverness. While to others it represents sneakiness and difficulty. No matter what the fox represents to you, you must admit they are adorable. And what better way to celebrate the fox than working up a fox knitting pattern.

Below are 15 precious fox knitting patterns. We have included everything from gloves to plush dolls. We are certain there is a pattern you will want to knit.

1. Frankie the Fox Knit Pattern by KnittedZooGifts

Kids will love this cute and cuddly knitted fox. It would make a great addition to a woodland themed nursery.

The fox knitting pattern contains 9 PDF pages with 61 photos. To make this cute little plush fox, you will need basic knitting skills. The toy is knit on 2 needles. Completed, it measures 4.72 inches (12 cm) tall.

Frankie the Fox Knit Pattern by KnittedZooGifts

Find the Pattern by KnittedZooGifts HERE

2. Fox Knitting Pattern by GraceandtheMonkey

Freddie the Fox will add a little whimsy to your decor. These small pillows are perfect for tossing on a sofa or a chair. They would also look cute on a child’s bed.

The PDF knitting pattern is easy to follow. The knitted fox head will measure approximately 6.69 inches (17 cm) tall x 5.51 inches (14 cm) wide.

Find the Pattern by GraceandtheMonkey HERE

3. Knitted Fox Tea Cosy Pattern by Gina Michele

Do you enjoy afternoon tea? Keep your water hot with this free fox tea cosy knitting pattern.

It is an advanced beginner fox knitting pattern. The front and back are knit separately and then joined together using double pointed needles. The tea cosy is split at the sides to allow for the handle and spout. The ears, eyes, and nose are all sewn on afterward.

Here’s more cute and stylish tea cosy patterns you can also knit.

Knitted Fox Tea Cosy Pattern by Gina Michele

Find the Pattern by Gina Michele HERE

4. Failynn Fox Cowl by Thevelvetacorn

This cowl will add comfort and warmth during cold weather. This cowl would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves foxes.

This cowl pattern does require some basic crochet knowledge as well. Includes are sizes 12 to 18 months, toddler, child, and adult. It is knit using any super bulky yarn.

You can also go here to see a roundup of all sorts of fashionable knitted cowls.

Failynn Fox Cowl by Thevelvetacorn

Find the Pattern by Thevelvetacorn HERE

5. Knitted Fox Scarf Pattern by BetweenMeAndEwe

If you enjoy using a circular knitting machine, you will love this scarf pattern. It can be made on a 40, 46, or 48 pin machine.

This is a beginner to intermediate level pattern. To complete this fox knitting pattern you will need to know cast on/off with needle and basic sewing skills.

Knitted Fox Scarf Pattern by BetweenMeAndEwe

Find the Pattern by BetweenMeAndEwe HERE

6. Toy Pillow Bear and Fox Knit Pattern by JanuaryKnit

Here is the perfect toy pillow for children. It is soft to the touch and squishy. It could also be used on the desk of a student or office worker.

It is an easy pattern that can be completed by a beginner. It only used basic knitting techniques for making dolls. This knitting pattern includes both the bear and the fox

Toy Pillow Bear and Fox Knit Pattern by JanuaryKnit

Find the Pattern by JanuaryKnit HERE

7. Felix the Fox Knitting Pattern from mamma4earth

Felix the Fox is handsome and cuddly. This is an enjoyable and easy knit. It would look adorable sitting on a mantle or an end table.

To make this plush knitted fox you will need 3.5 mm circular needles to make a small fox. Or 4 mm circular needles or dpns to make the larger fox.

Felix the Fox Knitting Pattern from mamma4earth

Find the Pattern from mamma4earth HERE

8. Knitted Fox Slippers

Knit up a new pair of adult fox slippers with this free fox knitting pattern. These novelty slippers will become your favourite pair.

These slippers are easy to knit using worsted weight yarn. If you need to make smaller slippers, use fingering weight yarn.

Knitted Fox Slippers

Find the Pattern on Gathered HERE

9. Sly Fox Cowl Knitting Pattern by KatyTricot

Knit everyone in the family one of these trendy and charming fox hooded cowls. The cowls are worked seamlessly in one piece with aran or bulky yarn. They are fitted with fun drawstrings to keep it snug.

The beginning of the cowl is knit in the round. The hood is then worked in rows and edged with a double knit drawstring casing. The top of the hood is joined with 3-needle bind off to form the ears. Included are sizes baby, toddler/child, teen/adult, and large Adult.

Sly Fox Cowl Knitting Pattern by KatyTricot

Find the Pattern by KatyTricot HERE

10. Little Knitted Mr. Baby Fox Knitting Toy Pattern by CuteToysPatterns

Here is a fast and easy fox knitting pattern for intermediate level knitters. The fox is super cute and floppy. If you want to make the fox clothes, the artist also has patterns for these.

Mister Fox measures approximately 10 inches (25 cm) tall. It is a stitch-by-stitch knitting pattern that is made on 2 knitting needles. There are detailed pictures and instructions on how to assemble the toy (arms, legs, face).

Little Knitted Mr. Baby Fox Knitting Toy Pattern by CuteToysPatterns

Find the Pattern by CuteToysPatterns HERE

11. Fox Ears Beanie Pattern by Patternery

This is a sweet fox beanie. It will look cute on a baby or an adult. Everyone will love this playful knitted fox hat.  

Included are instructions for sizes newborn-3 months, 3-9 months, 9-18 months, 1-4 years, child, and adult. You will need to know how to knit, purl, and knit 2 together. The pattern uses circular knitting and basic cabling.

Fox Ears Beanie Pattern by Patternery

Find the Pattern by Patternery HERE

12. Fox Cushion Knitting Pattern by fluffandfuzz

How cute is this fox cushion? It is perfect for a sofa, bed, or reading nook. It would also make a great baby shower gift for a family decorating in woodland decor.

Not including the tail, the cushion measures 9.84 inches (25 cm) wide and 11.02 inches (28 cm) tall. The pattern is 6 pages long. All the pieces are knitted flat (back and forth) on a pair of straight single-pointed knitting needles.

Fox Cushion Knitting Pattern by fluffandfuzz

Find the Pattern by fluffandfuzz HERE

13. Patons Fox in the Snow Mittens Free Fox Knitting Pattern

If you are looking for a pair of knitted fox mittens, check out these patterned gloves. The pattern creates a pair of gloves that fit an average adult female’s hands.

This is an advanced level pattern for an experienced knitter. The project that will keep you actively engaged.

Patons Fox in the Snow Mittens Free Fox Knitting Pattern

Find the Pattern from Yarnspirations HERE

14. Fox Scarf by Nina Führer

Use this pattern to make a child or adult size fox scarf. The inventive pattern creates a scarf that will secure itself.

The fox knitting pattern contains 8 pages of detailed instructions, a schedule, and pictures. There is a clasp in the fox’s mouth that serves as a fastener.

Fox Scarf by Nina Führer

Find the Pattern by NINAFUEHRER HERE

15. Toy Knitted Fox Pattern by Rian Anderson

This fox knitting pattern is for a cute and quirky toy fox. It is small enough for little ones to carry around with them and play with any time they like!

This toy fox knitting pattern designed by Rian Anderson is all kinds of adorable. From his perky ears and slight smile to his booted feet and big puffy tail, everyone is sure to love this little guy!

fox knitting pattern

Find the Pattern by Rian Anderson HERE

Show your appreciation of these cute and sly creatures with one of these fox knitting patterns.

You can often find a fox plushie in a nursery room, but they are not only for babies to enjoy. Knit yourself a scarf or pillow. These fox knitting patterns are fun, and they will bring a smile to your face. 

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