29 Knitted Cowl Patterns

Knitted Cowl Patterns

A cowl is comparable to an infinity scarf. However, cowls are usually shorter. Often, they can be pulled up over the head and worn as a hood. They are continuous loops that can be made in one piece or have buttons to keep them closed. They are fashion accessories that are easy to wear and compliment almost any outfit. If you are looking for a project that you can make for yourself or give as a gift, try a knitted cowl pattern.

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Learn How To Knit An Eternity Scarf With This Pattern

How To Knit An Eternity Scarf Feat

Eternity scarfs are huge this time of the year. I’m getting so many text messages and emails asking how to knit an eternity scarf or where to buy one.

Well, being a DIY enthusiast and a pro knitter, I can only give a response to one of the queries; how to knit an eternity scarf. An eternity scarf is a quick and easy project you can undertake in your spare time.

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Stunning Shawlette Knitting Patterns

Stunning Shawlette Knitting Pattern

The shawlette knitting patterns combine an old-fashioned texture with contemporary urban lines. This leads to elegant rustic triangle shawlette pieces that are well loved and adored.

The shawlette knitting patterns are top-down, triangular-knit items that are quick and easy to knit up in fingering weight yarn. This type of scarf can also be knitted in sport weight or lace weight yarn depending on your weight preferences.

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Womens Pocket Scarf Pattern YES A Scarf With Pockets

Womens Pocket Scarf Pattern Feat

Most of us settle for a warm scarf, mittens and a beanie perhaps but never two in a single combination. Well, this beautiful womens pocket scarf has little pockets hidden within the frills. You can put your hands in these if they get cold, or fill just them with flowers or whatever you like.

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