10 Viking Knit Hat for your Viking Inspired Costume

Are you planning to look like a Viking in the next costume party you’re attending? Why not complete your whole look by wearing this Viking knit hat!

Complete with earflaps and stuffed horns, this hat is perfect to cap off your Viking look. Continue reading the article to learn how to make your very own Viking knit hat!

Cute and Chunky Viking Knit Hat

Heavy and hard helmets, that must be your first thought when you hear the word Viking Hats. But after completing this pattern, we’ll have a soft and chunky knitted version.

BigCrocodileHatCo, the one who created this Viking Knit Hat Pattern shared the story behind the pattern. According to the pattern’s description, a friend asked them to make a Viking style hat for him and he absolutely loved the end result. 

They also posted it on social media and it received a lot of attention, along with loads of requests to buy it from them. Since they cannot keep up with all the orders, they created a pattern so others can also enjoy the knitted hat. 

What’s so special about it and why did it receive so much attention in social media? You’ll find out in a few!

About the Super Chunky Merino Yarn

Wanna know why this hat is so soft and chunky? The secret lies in the yarn used in the pattern! The recommended yarn to use for this project is the World of Wool Super Chunky Merino.

This jumbo yarn is 32 meters long and weighs 50 grams. Since it is made with 100% Wool – Merino, using this in your knitted project creates and extra soft result. Yarns like this one are perfect for hats because they feel comfortable against the skin. 

Do you love using colors in your knitted projects? This super chunky yarn comes in dyed and undyed colors so you’ll surely have a lot of colors to choose from! Check out the available colors and choose three that you’d love to work with.

If you’re having trouble looking for this yarn, you can check some alternatives you can use: Rico Essentials Big, Rico Essentials Super Super Chunky, Twilleys Freedom Wool, Lana Grossa Ragazza Lei. 

Rico Big Super Chunky Yarn from LoveCrafts
Rico Big Super Chunky Yarn from LoveCrafts

About the Pattern

So simple to make and incredibly easy to understand, what’s not love about this Viking Knit Hat pattern? In fact, this pattern is split into 4 sections so you won’t be overwhelmed when making the hat!  Another plus point for allowing the crocheters to choose their own color combinations. Using the same colors as their outfit will definitely make it look more put together. 

Although it might look simple, it surely stands out because of all the details added to every part of the hat. The herringbone pattern in the rim and the earflaps is definitely a standout! It added some contrast to the knit and purl texture of the main hat and the horn.

Speaking of the horn, we love how the pattern required it to be stuffed with toy stuffing. The stiff horn with details at the bottom is a great example of having something so simple but made better with details. 

Finding a real Viking hat can be tricky, but this thick and chunky knitted Viking hat would be a nice substitute. Plus you’ll be perfectly comfortable wearing this at the party because it’s light and soft, and can be worn for an extended period of time.  

Knitted Viking Hat Pattern By The Big Crocodile Hat Company
Knitted Viking Hat Pattern By The Big Crocodile Hat Company

Materials Needed

  • A pair of 10m straight knitting needles 
  • Set of 5 8mm double pointed needles for the horns
  • Super chunky soft wool (World of Wool Super Chunky Merino) in 3 colors:
    • 50g of color A (for the rim and earflaps)
    • 100g of color B (for the main hat)
    • 25g of color C (for horns)
  • Toy stuffing to stuff the horns
  • Tapestry needle

Complete your Viking Costume with the Viking-inspired Knitted Hat

Now that you have everything you need to know about the Viking Knit Hat, are you ready to make your own to complete your Viking costume? Match it with the colors you will wear to create your complete Viking inspired costume!

Work on your Viking Hat and post your final work on our Facebook Page! We love seeing the works of everyone in our community. You can also post a few behind-the-scenes to inspire others to make their own knitted hats too. 

If you’re looking for other knitted hats to work on, we have plenty of other patterns you can check out here

We hope we’re able to inspire you to try this pattern and it would be a joy to see the final result of your own Viking Knit Hat!