Women’s Beanie With Ear Flaps Knitting Pattern

We humans aren’t built for the whole hibernation thing. Armed with the women’s beanie with ear flaps, anytime is play time.

This one-of-a-kind hat pattern would be a perfect winter accessory for you and female members of your family.


Womens Beanie With Ear Flaps Pattern


Women’s Beanie With Ear Flaps Knitting Pattern


Love the outdoors? How about outdoor activities during winter? Well, you might be one of those individuals who simply refuse to wait out the cold season indoors wrapped in a blanket tightly clenching onto a hot cup of Joe.

Since I came across this pattern’s listings on the internet, I have gone ahead to knit up a couple of these hats for myself and my teenage daughter.


Womens Beanie With Earflaps And Pom Pom


Beanie With Ear Flaps Materials

  • YARN: 95 to 150 grams or 63 to 99 yards of super chunky, worsted weight yarn.
  • NEEDLES: A 10mm or US size 15 needle. The needle could either be straight or circular depending on the pattern instructions you’re following.


Beanie With Ear Flaps 6 Sizes

The finished women’s beanie with ear flaps pattern is available in six distinct sizes that range from 0 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, a year to 2 years, 3 to 6 years, six years up to teenage years, and finally adult size.


Knit Womens Beanie With Ear Flaps


Warm Up The loves In Your Life

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see to the warming need of all the girls you care most about? Well sure the boys too need to stay warm and toasty, but that’s a story for some other time. First time I came across this pattern I just knew I had to try it myself.

The alternatives to knitting up a women’s beanie with ear flaps don’t come cheap. There are numerous listings of this pattern on sale by brand names such as North Face, J.C Penney, and others.

Are you a beginner in the knitting arts? Well don’t worry, the women’s beanie with ear flaps pattern is available for download.


Womens Knitting Pattern Beanie With Ear Flaps


Beanie HAs Easy To Follow Instructions

The pattern’s instructions are written in clear and concise American English with extensive use of standard US knitting terms. It would make a lovely gift to a fellow woman you know whose all on for some wholesome outdoor fun in the cold.

The ear flaps are a cute addition to an otherwise perfect knitted item. These keep the wearer’s ears warm, and boy do they look amazing! With so many color choices you can settle for, there’s no telling how many of these hats you’ll knit up once you start.

I at first did one for myself, but soon as I noticed my daughter’s strange liking for my women’s beanie with ear flaps, I had to knit the young lady her own hat. I can assure you she was beyond impressed.

Soon as her friends saw it, she wanted more done. I always say, the more time your kids spend outdoors playing, the better it is for everyone. Cold weather can, however, hinders most from hitting the great outdoors, nothing the women’s beanie with ear flaps can’t handle.


Beanie With Ear Flaps Womens Knitting Pattern


Do yourself a favor, get started on one of these fantastic hats today.


Get Women’s Beanie With Ear flaps Pattern Here


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