Womens Pocket Scarf Pattern YES A Scarf With Pockets

Most of us settle for a warm scarf, mittens and a beanie perhaps but never two in a single combination. Well, this beautiful womens pocket scarf has little pockets hidden within the frills. You can put your hands in these if they get cold, or fill just them with flowers or whatever you like.

Womens Pocket Scarf Pattern

Women’s Pocket Scarf Pattern

Now and then, I come across a knitting pattern that blows my mind.  I’m talking top of your head straight off, ridiculously witty and amazing scarf patterns.

I swear prior to seeing this women’s pocket scarf, I didn’t imagine of a scarf that could keep my neck and arms warm at the same time. I’m pretty sure you have never thought of it too.

Knitted Scarf With Pockets

Women’s Pocket Scarf Materials

  • Three skeins of Knit Picks Twirl in your preferred colors or about 200 yards of a similar bulky weight nubby yarn
  • A pair of US size 11 needles.
  • Scissors
  • A ruler or tape measure.
  • One yarn needle.

Finished Pocket Scarf Size

The finished pocket scarf’s size is 6 inches wide and 60 inches long with 10-inch pockets. This women’s pocket scarf has two roomy pockets. Which gives you a safe place to put your keys, phone, lipstick, and more when you really aren’t feeling purses or handbags.

What’s better than a scarf that gives you an extra layer of warmth and a stylish look? The scarf’s deep pockets easily hold the items you need to get by your day with ease.

Womens Scarf With Pockets Beginners Knitting Pattern

This women’s pocket scarf is designed in such a way that it can be worn around the neck with the pockets at the right place when standing up. The scarf is knitted in wool, alpaca, and nylon giving it a warm and beautiful appeal.

You can, if you like, use any other highly textured brand of yarn or even try a brand of plain yarn, to allow the Garter Stitch or bumps to become more prominent. This knit project would be a great gift. Also see this beautiful Victorian-styled hooded scarf pattern you will surely love to make.

Women's Pocket Scarf Pattern

Measure Around Your Neck To Get The Correct Length

However, that could put you in a bit of a situation and here’s why; you can’t make a custom sized pocket scarf without giving the surprise away.

To ensure that you knit a properly sized pocket scarf, place a tape measure around your neck as you would with a scarf then measure up to the position where the tips of your fingers fall. To be on safe side, add an extra 10 inches on each side.

I can’t begin to tell you how lovely and warm this pocket scarf is. You simply have to try it yourself to see what I mean. As always, adding a bit of a personalized touch to your knitting projects is recommended.

Use colors schemes that work best for you. I made one of these amazing scarfs for my teenage daughter who’s always complaining about not wanting to carry a purse everywhere. It works pretty well if you asked me.

Scarf With Pockets Knitting Pattern

I love it myself and it already feels like second nature, like I have always had it. So go on, swap the warm shawl for a women’s pocket scarf. You’ll thank me later.

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