Adorable Baby Pom Pom Hat Knitting Pattern

The baby pom pom hat knitting pattern is just perfect for your little bundle of joy. You can use one of these stunning hats to keep your little angel’s head warm on cold nights and the unforgiving winter days.

Baby pom pom hat knitting pattern is a quick and easy project you can embark on in your free time. So other than being easy to make, they are super cute too, so go on, make one today!

Adorable Baby Pom Pom Hat Knitting Pattern

Baby Pom Pom Hat Knitting Pattern

There are two types of people, people who love babies and people who love pets. For fear of being labeled a baby-hater, I’ll go ahead and profess my undying love for babies.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a dog person, and I treat my K9 Charlie like one of my kids. Back to babies. Is there anything purer than a newborn baby? Fair, delicate skin, eyes so innocent you could see a sparkle in them.

Baby Pom Pom Hat Materials

  • Any brand of worsted weight yarn and,
  • Size 8 (US) circular needle or size 8 (US) double point needles for the circular knit technique.

Knitting Pattern Baby Pom Pom Hat

Baby Pom Pom Hat Sizes

The finished sizes are suited for newborn babies to children aged three months, kids aged between 3 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, toddlers, teenage size to adult-size pom pom hats.

This adorable baby pom pom hat knitting pattern is the perfect sleeping hat for your baby. The hat design is suitable for both boys and girls.

The pattern is available for download upon purchase and includes instructions for knitting the baby pom pom hat using double point needles and single point needles. The directions on the PDF document are written in standard American English using US knitting terms and abbreviation. 

To take on this project, you need to be familiar with the basic knitting stitches and techniques.

Knitting Hat Pom Pom Pattern

Make Memories With The Baby Pom Pom Hat Knitting Pattern

This is one of those knitted items that ooze love and warmth. Years on after your little ones are all grown up you’ll look back with fondness at your achievement and pat yourself on the back.

Don’t you just love looking at your teenage son or daughter’s baby clothes? They have so many memories and stories to tell. To me, the baby pom pom hat knitting pattern is just that item. I always say making your own baby clothes is way better than buying them.

Adorable Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

Sure it sounds tedious and everything but think of the pride and all the glory. That is what we knitters live for! A monkey could walk into a specialist baby store and pick up a couple of items, but legends make their own stuff.

Don’t you just love dressing your little ones in the cutest clothes? I for one adore dressing babies in unique knitted items and simply sit back and feel my heart melt from within my chest cavity.

So what are your plans this winter? Pick up some yarn and needle and get to work. Keep your baby’s head snuggly and warm with this baby pom pom hat knitting pattern.

Baby Pom Pom Hat Knitting Pattern

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