FREE Reyna Knitting Pattern Shawl

FREE Reyna Knitting Pattern Shawl will help you make a beautiful shawl out of a single variegated colorway yarn that is easily customizable to your preferences!

FREE Reyna Knitting Pattern Shawl

Ever wondered how to make something nice out of a single piece of variegated colorway sock yarn you have there inside your closet for years? A fresh new style of the shawl is about to amaze you with its colorful design and style as well as its easy and practical use of yarn to craft an item of fashionable clothing such as this one!

You’ll be mesmerized to see yourself looking like royal blood, a queen of a small kingdom, for wearing this knitted shawl. As a gift to the elderly, they’ll feel so much surprised and appreciate it 100%. Your grandparents will be comfortably lying in bed or anywhere cold using your own piece of craft.

This can also be worn by males because it is a unisex style that may be in varying sizes, too. If you’re going to craft this on your own, you may modify the fabric, yarn, and needles depending on what you like, too.

free reyna knitting pattern shawl
Reyna & Mystery Socks by Rabbit Heart

Noora Backlund created this pattern personally for those who don’t know what to do with a single skein of sock yarn and those who find it hard to look for a pattern that will fit variegated colorway.

Making this fashionable shawl is very simple at the same time inexpensive. Just one skein of yarn can complete one whole shawl already. Those who prefer to mix and match colors of yarn and other materials will love this pattern! It brings out the best of variegated color yarns.

Not comfortable with English? This pattern is also available in Czech, German and French!

reyna knitting pattern one skein knit pattern
Reyna Shawl by Nicolette Kernohan

So, to jumpstart your shawl-knitting activity with the Reyna style pattern, here is the list of the materials you will need:

  • Yarn – a light fingering yarn with yardage approximate of 380 to 420 yards (347 to 384 meters)

    If you have different yardage available, it’s quite an easy feat to modify the Reyna pattern.

    Noora says that sock yarns will work best. She also suggests those made by Malabrigo, Hedgehog Fibres, and Miss Babs.
  • Gauge – this will depend on you
  • Needle – US 4 – 3.5 millimeter

A finished blocked Reyna shawl will measure 58 inches (148 centimeters) on the longest edge and 21.5 inches (55 centimeters) from the center of the top edge to the middle tip.The measurement given above is already for the blocked product. If you prefer a bigger or smaller dimension, take note of the type of yarn you will use. Changing the garter and mesh section row will also help adjust the size.

Don’t know how to block yet? Check out our What Is Blocking Crochet | Written Tutorial!

reyna knitting pattern variegated colorway pattern
Reyna by MBFish

Shawls are cute additions to your outfit of the day, or it can have a purpose which is to keep you warm during cold weather. As if someone is hugging you, the warmth that this Reyna shawl will provide an absolute comfortable feel.

Teens, adults, and children will surely love this shawl when crafted while it can be triangle-shaped, worked flat, and top-down. You can also easily modify its design, from the pattern, the needles, and the fabric to be used. This will certainly be a nice craft!

Now, Pull some yarn from your knitting kit, download the pattern online, and let’s see how many shawls you’ll be able to make for everyone you love if you start doing this FREE Reyna Knitting Pattern Shawl now!

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