Women’s Knit Hooded Scarf Pattern

This women’s knit hooded scarf is a beautiful Victorian-styled hooded scarf pattern that is the ideal accessory to step out with in cold weather. The pattern features an all-in-one design and a high ribbon-laced turtle-neck collar with a generous hood sweeping over the shoulders.

Women’s Knit Hooded Scarf Pattern

Women’s Knit Hooded Scarf Pattern

The women’s knit hooded scarf can stay up unsupported, but during windy days, you need a hairpin to secure the hood to avoid losing the silhouette. The hooded scarf oozes style, comfort, warmth, and sophistication.

If you fancy yourself to be fashion savvy, modern woman who’s not intimidated by the cold, then this wonderful piece is for you.

Victorian Style Women's Hooded Scarf Pattern

Hooded Knitted Scarf Materials

  • Two and a 1/10th skeins of Lion-Brand Wool-Ease yarn. Or less than 420 yards of your preferred Aran worsted weight yarn.
  • One and a half yards, 5/8 to 1inch wide satin ribbon.
  • A pair of US size 7, 32-inch or 4.5mm circular knitting needles for magic loops or DPNs.
  • A pair of US size 8, 32inch or 5mm circular knitting needles for DPNs or magic loop.
  • Five stitch markers.
  • One tapestry needle.
  • An extra crochet hook or needle for 3-needle bind off technique. Alternatively, you can seam and cast off.

Why Use That Yarn?

The wool-ease yarn is a type of Aran weight yarn. If you opt to knit your scarf in a smaller class of worsted weight yarn, your women’s knit hooded scarf will end up being far too small. In this regard, you have to observe your working yarn gauge.

For beginners or individuals who are unsure of what gauge to use, it is recommended to use heavy worsted or light bulky yarn. All in all, it is advisable to knit your scarf using Wool-Ease yarn.

To finish off this project, it is recommended to use the Kitchener’s stitch to bind. You can also execute a seamed bind off for similarly astonishing results.

You will absolutely love the intricate details on this women’s knit hooded scarf pattern. I know because I did when I first stumbled upon it a while back. The oh-so-lovely hood on the scarf gives you an amazing Victorian era look and trust me when I say; you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

Ladies Hooded Scarf Knitting Pattern

Used As Elegant Formal Head ware

This hooded scarf would look amazing with anything you wear both casual and formal. You can wear it out to a party in a friend’s house on a cold night or throw it on a cold working day. Either way, this is bound to be a conversational piece.

Other than keeping you warm and looking fly as hell, the women’s knit hooded scarf would make a lovely gift. Especially to the special women in your life, be it your mom, your sister or even your daughter.

You’ll be surprised at how lovely this scarf looks on you once you complete the project. Whip up a couple for yourself and the beautiful women in your life.

With an intermediate to advanced skill level in knitting, you can give the likes of Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Burberry and Neiman Marcus a run for their money.

Elegant Womens Knit Hooded Scarf

The hooded scarf pattern is available for purchase below and can be downloaded in PDF format. The detailed instructions are written in concise American English using standard US knitting terms.

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