10 Free Knitted Hat Patterns on Circular Needles

Free Knitted Hat Patterns on Circular Needles

Circular knitting needles can make knitting easier. They may be awkward at first if you are used to straight needles. But once you get used to using them, your productivity can increase tremendously. If you enjoy working with circular needles, we have gathered some patterns just for you. Below are 10 free knitted hat patterns on circular needles.

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10 Knitted Viking Hat Patterns for your Viking Inspired Costume

Knitted Viking Hat Patterns for your Viking Inspired Costume

Do you want to dress up as a Viking for Halloween or a Cosplay event? Are your children interested in Vikings and love playing dress-up? If so, why not try your hand at a Knitted Viking hat?

Viking hat replicas can be expensive and hard to find. They are also heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Instead of wasting your money on these costly helmets, knit one yourself. All the patterns we have listed are adorned with horns that are stuffed.

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45 Beanie Knitting Patterns

Beanie Knitting Patterns

Beanies are often a winter accessory, but some people like to wear them all year round. This is possible thanks to beanie knitting patterns that use lightweight yarn. They can be worn as a fashion statement or for keeping warm.

If you are looking for a stylish hat that is comfortable and versatile, knit up some beanies.

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14 Christmas Knitted Elf Hat Patterns

Christmas Knitted Elf Hat Patterns

Knitted elf hat patterns have never looked this cute and adorable. Christmas certainly will come early this year.

Elves are known for their funny outfits and cheerful nature. Their hats are an important part of their wardrobe because they keep them warm at the North Pole.

But elves are not the only ones that can benefit from these warm hats. Anyone that lives in a cold climate or is looking for a fun holiday accessory would enjoy walking around in a knitted elf hat.

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16 Knit Aviator Hat Patterns

Knit Aviator Hat Patterns

In the colder months, comfort and warmth are a necessity. It can be hard to find a good winter hat that is stylish and warm. And when you do find one it is always the wrong size or colour. Instead of tirelessly searching for the perfect hat, why don’t you make your own? We have included several free and paid knit aviator hat patterns we know you will fall in love with.

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15 Royalty Worthy Princess Crown Knitting Pattern

Royalty Worthy Princess Crown Knitting Patterns

Knitted princess crowns are perfect for babies, children and adults alike. They can be used for dress up, birthday parties, props and newborn baby photo shoots. If you have a princess in your family, try one of the 15 princess crown knitting patterns we have listed.

Most knitted crown patterns are fairly simple and can be completed by a beginner or intermediate level knitter.

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Ladies Swirly Visor Beanie Knit Pattern

Ladies Swirly Visor Beanie Knit Pattern

 Are you prepared to fight off the chills and discomfort cold weather is best known for? During winter and the colder months of the year, the first part of your body that will perhaps feel the full brunt of the cold season is your head.

We lose a substantial amount of body heat through the head which leaves the entire body chilled. You can always knit yourself a stylish swirly visor beanie knit pattern.

Who says knitted beanie hat patterns have to be dull?

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